Granny hexagons, squares and Fibre East.

My intention to blog at least every few days has fallen by the wayside during what has been an otherwise very productive week.

I’ve made almost all of the granny hexagons I’ll need to make up the birthday present for one of my three nieces. It’s going to be a waistcoat (a gilet or vest to those over the pond) worked in DK acrylic (mostly in Stylecraft plus whatever was hanging about in my stash). I’ve gone for cool greens and blues with a little splash of purple, which I tend to think of as a mermaid/peacock colour scheme.

I hope my niece likes it. At seven going on eight she already has a keen eye for fashion and doesn’t hold back when giving her opinion. I’ve been wearing a lot of light cotton sundresses in the recent heat wave, and twice the little madam has looked at me and said “You’re not going out dressed like that, are you?” I’ve come to the conclusion that it is the sight of my knees that she finds so scandalous. Apparently women over thirty aren’t supposed to have them.


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Capt’n Niptopus

2013-07-21 21.02.15

Inspired by all the people wandering around Hastings dressed up for Pirates Day yesterday, I decided to make a pirate themed catnip toy for my cats. I just freehanded it using string from Poundland, but I was quite pleased with the way it turned out. Maybe I should write down instructions on how to make it whilst it’s still fresh in my mind. I’ve never really written patterns before, just a few notes so that I can repeat what I did the first time.

Anyway Capt’n Niptopus was a big hit with my three cats, but I think that had more to do with the XXX strength organic Canadian catnip I stuffed it with than my improvised hook skills! It must be good stuff because the cats never usually jump up onto the kitchen counter but they’ve been all over the spot where I filled the toy and spilled a little catnip!


Owl inspiration

Owl inspiration

I love owls. I’ve crocheted them, painted them and embroidered them, but this weekend I got to see the real thing up close at the Hastings Town and Country Show at Alexandra Park.

This big guy is an Eagle Owl and I love his big tufty eyebrow feathers. You should have seen the size of his claws! I was telling my husband to make noises like a struggling mouse to get the bird’s attention, but when I saw the size of its claws a suggested he upgrade to a dying rabbit! That got the response you’d expect, from both the bird and my husband. I got much better results singing “Who Are You?” by the Who. I can only conclude that either the owls are used to people making twit-twoo type noises, or they are CSI Vegas fans.

I’m rooting for CSI.

A crafty and productive weekend

A crafty and productive weekend

I spent most of saturday trawling through charity shops looking for crochet doilies to upcycle, and I have quite a good collection now. I love the reactions I get from the volunteers when I ask if they have any lace or doilies. From their expressions you’l think I’d just asked for a barbecued newborn baby!

I suppose not many people ask, but that’s okay, all the more for me!

Crocheted doilies that is, not barbecued babies. Obviously I buy my barbecued babies whole sale.

I also hit the jackpot when I found all these zips for sale at 10p each. Yeah, I know it looks like a lot, but I bought far less than a quarter of what they had!

2013-07-22 08.26.49

All this beautiful Drops cotton arrived this week end too. Torn between admiring it all neatly packaged and ripping it all open and getting started!

2013-07-22 08.01.33

More colours!

More colours!

I’ve posted more versions of my jug cover on both Folksy and Etsy now, and a few views are trickling in. No sales yet, but it’s early days and I still have more products to add.

I really like the blue jug cover, and I think I’ll make an extra one to keep!

I have made purple ones too, but I need to take new photos.

Hot work in the garden!

My husband and I spent the day trying to finish revamping our coffee table. We bought it second hand last year and we loved it except for one small detail: it was a bit orange. After spending three days this week sanding it (with a belt sander – yay power tools!) we finally waxed it today, and guess what. It hardly looks any different! It seems that the wood itself has a very orangey tone and all we’ve managed to do is mess up the finish!

Well, that’s my quota of DIY for the rest of this year then! I can sit back and look at my uneven orange table and know that I am doing exactly the right thing by sticking to my crochet.