A crafty and productive weekend

A crafty and productive weekend

I spent most of saturday trawling through charity shops looking for crochet doilies to upcycle, and I have quite a good collection now. I love the reactions I get from the volunteers when I ask if they have any lace or doilies. From their expressions you’l think I’d just asked for a barbecued newborn baby!

I suppose not many people ask, but that’s okay, all the more for me!

Crocheted doilies that is, not barbecued babies. Obviously I buy my barbecued babies whole sale.

I also hit the jackpot when I found all these zips for sale at 10p each. Yeah, I know it looks like a lot, but I bought far less than a quarter of what they had!

2013-07-22 08.26.49

All this beautiful Drops cotton arrived this week end too. Torn between admiring it all neatly packaged and ripping it all open and getting started!

2013-07-22 08.01.33

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