Capt’n Niptopus

2013-07-21 21.02.15

Inspired by all the people wandering around Hastings dressed up for Pirates Day yesterday, I decided to make a pirate themed catnip toy for my cats. I just freehanded it using string from Poundland, but I was quite pleased with the way it turned out. Maybe I should write down instructions on how to make it whilst it’s still fresh in my mind. I’ve never really written patterns before, just a few notes so that I can repeat what I did the first time.

Anyway Capt’n Niptopus was a big hit with my three cats, but I think that had more to do with the XXX strength organic Canadian catnip I stuffed it with than my improvised hook skills! It must be good stuff because the cats never usually jump up onto the kitchen counter but they’ve been all over the spot where I filled the toy and spilled a little catnip!


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