Punk monkey, gnome in a mankini and doilies! (I can’t get enough of the doilies…)

The autumn always marks  the present making season kicking into overdrive for me. Last month I posted photos of the toy dog and the granny hexagon waistcoat I made for my niece, and this month it was her brother’s 10th birthday. He’s always had an obsession with monkeys, so I decided to crochet him one from the soft chunky acrylic yarn that I bought from Tiger (£1 per 50g ball!), but in deference to the fact that he is not such a little boy any more, I chose to make him a punk monkey complete with purple mohican and safety pin piercings!



He was soon given the inevitable name “Punkey”. I put wire in the tail to make it poseable, and my nephew was thrilled with the zipped compartment in Punkey’s back which opened up to reveal a secret compartment full of sweeties!

Punkey was by no means the strangest thing I’ve made recently. My crocheted gnomes went down a storm at my Knit for Victory group, and thanks to a special request from one of the members, I found myself making a gnome in a Borat style mankini. I’m guessing that it’s in response to a you-had-to-be-there kind of joke, but it seemed to go down very well!

P1020433My on-going love affair with cotton doilies continues, and I finally got around to blocking some of them, using the cheap foam play mats I bought on ebay. They were a fraction of the price of proper blocking mats and they seemed to work just as well, and now my doilies look amazing!



P1020449I suppose I should start listing them on Etsy and Folksy, but at the moment I just love looking at them all! I have at least listed my crochet edged linen bowl covers.

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