Total crochet-fest for Mum’s birthday

I’ve been making things to give to my mum for her birthday for months now, but even with a huge head-start I found myself running around like a headless chicken this morning. I have no trouble planning and making a gift weeks before it’s needed, but pressing and wrapping things I’ve made always happens at the last possible moment!

I found a fantastic little chest of drawers in a local secondhand shop that is perfect for storing Mum’s sewing bits and pieces. It was filthy and missing most of its handles so it took a while to spruce it up enough to make it present-worthy. It’s now at least three shades lighter! I couldn’t find any handles small enough to fit, so I made my own by attaching pennies to small bolts with Milliput (a two part epoxy putty that I’ve been dying to play with for ages!) It turned out rather well, and Mum loved it.


I made something to go in each drawer, although I did cheat a little and put sweets and hankies in the sixth drawer. The two mats I using the retro-style mandala pattern from Simply Crochet Issue 9 only needed a light press and careful folding to make them fit.


For the other three drawers I was inspired by this post from The Grange Range. I couldn’t resist making all three designs, and I will definitely be making some for myself, and for Christmas presents.

P1020460I added an extra flower on the front and a button on the back of the flower petals potholder because the hole in the centre seemed a little large to be practical.


P1020501The daisy one seemed straight-forward, but it took ages to figure out how to do the outline. I got it in the end!

P1020553And the one that I thought looked the trickiest was actually pretty easy, looked the most impressive, and was Mum’s favourite! I think it will do better as a decorative mat than  potholder though, due to the gaps that are part of the design.

P1020550I made all five mats and potholders in Drops Muskat, which is a gorgeous DK mercerised cotton that feels wonderful. stock all 48 shades and one day I will own them all…. mwah ha ha ha!

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