Making progress on another crocheted Christmas

Every year I have the same conversation about Christmas presents with my husband. We agree we’re not going to spend loads of money on presents but end up doing it anyway. Even when I decide to make most of the gifts for our family and friends, and I get everything done in time, there is always the worry that I won’t finish. The horror of someone being presentless leads to “just in case” bought presents, that sneaks into “just a knick knack each” and then the whole thing, for want of a better word, snowballs until I have all the pressure of making presents as well as the cost of buying them!

In recent years my whole family has relied heavily on Amazon wishlists to plan Christmas, but it feels as if it’s all got out of hand as the piles of books and discs stack up. Usually I don’t even remember who got me what from my wishlist, and my poor mum can’t remember what came from which list when the parcels start arriving. It’s almost an annual tradition for there to be at least one mystery gift that has to be claimed on the day, and sometimes this is complicated by being an item on more than one person’s list!

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Finished crochet flower lattice shawl and more listings for Folksy

A while ago my sister, an avid (or should that be rabid?) knitter gave me some yarn that was overflow from her considerable stash, which included some James C. Brett Marble Chunky in shade 31. I love the combination of blue, green and purple and decided to make a nice cosy shawl with it.

I found this tutorial ¬†from for a flower lattice shawl, and although the written instructions were a little hard to follow due to the layout, the video made everything relatively simple. With the craft fair out of the way (see previous post) I finally had time to finish it, and here it is…


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Achievement unlocked: sell work at local craft fair

I’ve been neglecting this blog even more than usual lately, but that’s because I’ve been busy getting ready for my first stall at a craft fair. I had lots of half finished bits and pieces that I had to work my way through in order to have a decent amount of stock, and somehow I managed to pull it all together in time for the big day yesterday.

I was very proud of my little stall at The Briar Patch Craft Fair in Eastbourne, and although the event wasn’t exactly swamped, there was a steady stream of people having a good look around, and I did make a few sales!

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