Vintage and crafty shopping

I love a good rummage through the goodies at charity shops, and I’ve been meaning to do a post about some of the gems I’ve found already this year.

My number one absolute favourite thing I’ve found has been sitting in a cardboard box in my kitchen for a couple of weeks now, but today I got it out and used it for the first time. And here it is! (Or part of it anyway…)

Colclough bone china cup, saucer and tea plate in pretty rosebud pattern

Colclough bone china cup, saucer and tea plate in pretty rosebud pattern – plus a tea towel that just happened to match! The flowery tea cosy is one of my favourite improvised crochet creations.

I picked up this beautiful tea set consisting of six cups, saucers, side plates and one larger serving plate for the princely sum of… wait for it… £6.50!

I couldn’t believe it! Everything was in stunningly good condition, and in some charity shops you are lucky to get just a cup and saucer for that much! Ever since people have started upcycling cup and saucer sets into candle holders or pincushions the prices have gotten worse, but I bought this tea set to be used and loved, and that’s what I’ll do with it!

Once I got it home I couldn’t resist googling it. The pattern is called “Fragrance” and it was made by Colclough Bone China in the early 1960s, which makes the condition of my set even more remarkable! It’s not really worth anything much, replacement pieces can be bought online for just a few pounds, but I just love it and that makes it very valuable to me!

This afternoon was the perfect time to christen my lovely new/old tea set as my mum and my ten year old nephew came over to enjoy a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake after a good rummage though… more charity shops of course! (I should point out that although he is quite a boisterous lad, he takes his tea and cake very seriously and can be trusted with fine china if his sisters aren’t there to annoy him!)

My star find today was what my Gran always called a gazunder, because it gazunder the bed!

Also known as a po - as in short for chamber pot

Also known as a po – as in short for chamber pot

I have to say that I’d normally think twice about taking home something that has almost certainly contained someone else’s urine in it at some point, but I’ve been on the lookout for a chamberpot to give to The Redoubt Military Museum for their “Home Front” display focusing on what it was like to live in wartime Britain in the 1940s. I go to a knitting group (Knit for Victory!) at the Redoubt once a fortnight, and we’re supposed to be contributing items knitted to vintage patterns to display at the museum. We got to talking about what household items were common at the time, and a gazunder was mentioned but no one still had one… until now! It was only £4.50 and if the museum folks don’t want it I think I’ll keep it and plant something leafy in it.

Today was one of the few times I’ve come home from a charity shop binge without adding to my button collection. I love buttons. Vintage buttons, handmade buttons, wooden buttons,  pretty much any kind of buttons! I try to keep the vintage and more unusual ones separate, as well as any that are particularly small, but all the others I sort into different colours and store in glass jars in my livingroom. It does my heart good to see them sitting there, but I really must try to use more of them up!

Just some of my many jars of buttons

Just some of my many jars of buttons

I did bring home some interesting fabric, but the bottom of my wardrobe is already exploding at the seams with the stuff! Today I got a nice big piece of purple corduroy, and last week I got a huge bag of curtain remnants for £5, but yesterday I found a whole load of brand new crushed velvet scarves for 99p each! How could I resist this?

Pretty colours!

Pretty colours! And textures!

The answer of course is that I didn’t even try. In fact, I bought two of each colour. BUT when I showed them to my mum she fell in love with them and took two home with the intention of wearing them at some point, so maybe that is delayed self-control by proxy, or something. Hmm.

This next purchase isn’t second hand but it is vintage-esque style and I bought it this week so what the hell, I’ll include it in this post anyway.

Good enough words to live by really

Good enough words to live by really

Just to show that I have a teeny tiny modicum of self control, here is something I saw in the same shop that I wanted so badly my bones hurt, but I still walked away without buying it.

I wanted a PEACOCK and instead I got a PEE POT!

I wanted a PEACOCK and instead I got a PEE POT!

Isn’t it glorious? I may still go back and get it.

And finally, Mr BAM deserves an honorable mention for the beautiful bunch of Fairtrade roses he got me for Valentine’s Day last week.

Sitting (quite appropriately) by our wedding photo

Sitting (quite appropriately) by our wedding photo

I’m lucky to have him, and I know it! And what did I get him? A mug with a collage of words on it about computer games arranged in the shape of an Xbox controller (with a few subliminal messages from me hidden in there about switching his game off and making me a cup of tea!)

Ain’t love grand? 😉

6 thoughts on “Vintage and crafty shopping

  1. fallfromgrace349 says:

    I love charity shopping (or chopping as I like to call it), find some amazing things! I absolutely love the gazunder, so unique Ive never actually seen one before. The creating yourself picture is great as well 🙂


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