Spring walks, crochet flower pots and lots of delicious colour!

I’m naturally a very cynical soul, especially when it comes to the weather, but for the last few days I’ve enjoyed the delusion that’s been delighting the nation: that spring might have sprung early. It was 17°C yesterday! T-shirt weather! I dragged Mr BAM out for a walk in the woods and it was glorious!

2014-03-09 13.45_edited-1

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I knew the ground wouldn’t have dried out from all the recent rain, so I made sure we had our wellies with us, but a surprising number of people we saw out and about hadn’t given much thought to their footwear. Mr BAM heroically (in other words with barely any prompting from me) strode into ankle-deep mud to rescue a small child whose boot got stuck. The poor boy was balancing on one leg supported by his mum but unable to put his bootless foot down whilst his dad (who wasn’t wearing boots) helpfully filmed the situation on his phone. The boy and his mum were grateful for the assistance, but I think the dad was a bit miffed that he didn’t get footage worthy of becoming a YouTube sensation. Shame.

Last Sunday the weather wasn’t quite as spring-like when we went beach combing, and I promised a picture of the driftwood I collected once it had dried out a bit and didn’t look quite so sad and soggy. So here it is:

We took home some much larger bits too but mostly I went for the smaller, more eroded pieces, knowing they'd be better for crafty projects.

We took home some much larger bits too but mostly I went for the smaller, more eroded pieces, knowing they’d be better for crafty projects.

I also promised a photo of my stripey cotton blanket WIP. Here it is at around row 101:

It's getting harder and harder to take a decent picture of the whole thing!

It’s getting harder and harder to take a decent picture of the whole thing!

It actually feels like it’s a blanket now, not just a big bit of crochet!

I’ve been busy with a few other projects too. I started this pattern, which if it works out will be the first garment (ie not an accessory) that I’ve crocheted from a real pattern. I’m not that optimistic as I’m not using the specified yarn and I didn’t check my gauge. This is pretty much a disaster waiting to happen, but even if I totally cock it up I have at least learned a new way to do a foundation row and it’s AMAZING! It comes out as if you crochet the foundation chain and the first row of double (single for US) crochet at the same time! No fiddling about trying to poke the hook in the right place! No twisted foundation chain! I’m so in love with this method that I’m actually considering putting together a photo tutorial for it – that’s how good it is…

Of course there’s still a cynical voice in my head whispering “everyone else already knows how to do this method and they are just laughing at you for being so excited about it!”. Also it shouts that I lack the skill and patience to actually put together a tutorial but we will see. I might surprise myself. In case I don’t, there are instructions in the pattern I just mentioned, but no pictures.

I still seem to have a mountain of polystyrene eggs waiting for me to hook up their bright cotton covers, but I needed a little break from them so I got to work on some pretty pastel colours flower pots I bought a while ago from the pound shop.


I used Drops Muskat (of course!) and a selection of buttons from my stash. I’m really starting to love picot edging, and I’ve been playing about with different variations. I got a really nice book of crochet edgings for Christmas, and I really should try out a few more. Maybe as shelf edgings? I love the idea of crochet shelf edgings but I’ve never made any. The thought of doing a long foundation chain was a bit off-putting, but now I can use that new method!

Oh, this is going to be FUN!

And whilst I’m on the subject of things that are fun, colourful and pretty, check out some of the amazing cakes we saw in the shop window of Choccywoccydoodah in Brighton on Saturday.

All this pretty and it's edible too!

All this pretty and it’s edible too!

The camera on my phone doesn’t really do the display or the colours justice but I just love the “kitch me quick” theme, and I had to share it! Go and have a look at their online gallery of bespoke cakes. They really are breathtaking.

9 thoughts on “Spring walks, crochet flower pots and lots of delicious colour!

      • Bonnie Farrow says:

        Elizabeth…this is brilliant ! Your Mum sent it to me and I must say how I so enjoyed reading your stories and seeing the pics if your lovely work. I look forward to more!! xo Bonnie


        • bamcrafts979 says:

          I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m still trying to get used to the idea that friends and family are reading my blog. Up until now I feel like I’ve just been casting things out into the ether where the occasional stranger might find them! 🙂


  1. Mecki says:

    Thanks for your lively post. Made me laugh, especially the boy with the stuck wellie story. Well done! Great photos of the trees too and – boy – have you been busy!


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