Photos bad. Crochet good! Also some dribbling…

I finished my waistcoat yesterday! It even turned out looking quite like the pattern, which was a nice surprise as I used DK instead of the recommended yarn that was closer to aran weight. And it fits! Another surprise, considering I didn’t bother with a swatch, but then again this style is quite forgiving!


Apologies for the poor photography! And it’s about to get worse…

Despite having had root canal done at the dentist today, I was determined to get some photos of me actually wearing the waistcoat up this week, and for a variety of reasons today was going to have to be the day to get them done. So I marched Mr BAM out into the back garden, thrust my camera into his hands and tried not to visibly dribble as I barked orders at him about camera angles, close ups and not getting the neighbours bins in shot. No make-up, windy day, nervous husband and a temporary speech impediment that would put Daffy Duck to shame; all things considered not the best recipe for a decent photo shoot, but we made the best of it quick before the anaesthetic wore off.

waistcoat collage

So please excuse the hamster-cheeked, dribbley-chinned (not to mention large bottomed!) freak before you, and focus on my lovely new waistcoat, because I’m very, very proud of it.

Now I’m going to drink tea and suck chocolate buttons until my self-pity has receded sufficiently to converse beyond the level of “wah! my my tooth hurts!”

There may be a better post later this week, but I promise nothing!

Go take a look and Handmade Monday at Handmade Harbour. I’ll have a look myself in a bit, I just have to deal with these villagers with their pitchforks and flaming torches who seem to have followed me home…

12 thoughts on “Photos bad. Crochet good! Also some dribbling…

    • bamcrafts says:

      It’s on the Lion brand yarn website. Just click on the link in my post. (The word “pattern” should be a slightly different colour. That’s the link.) X


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