Three magic words: crocheted tea cosies.

The winner of the Hillarys Blinds Country Craft Competition was announced yesterday and I had planned to blog about it today, but I need to give it some more thought. I urge anyone who is interested to check out the Pintrest board with all the entries and to make up your own minds. Personally I think the two entries who received honourable mentions were much better than the overall winner, but more of that another day. I promised you tea cosies!

First up a pink flowery tea cosy that was commissioned by a friend of my mum. (Yay! A commission!)


As always the body of the tea cosy was improvised. I made two squares using a treble fan stitch and a separate slightly conical circle for the top to allow room for the protruding handle on top of the lid. I’d only seen a couple of photos of the tea pot this cosy is intended for and it was more square than round, but hopefully the cosy will still fit it well. The flowers I made to decorate the top were (again!) from 200 Crochet Flowers, Embellishments & Trims. I used the the large simple flower and the hellebore patterns for the flowers on the top, and the pointed daisy, the four layer flower and open rose for the lower ring of flowers.

The other tea cosy I have to show you is one I made for my older sister’s birthday back in February.

P1030372 edA bit different from the other one, isn’t it? This one was all about the novelty yarn and is large and slouchy so it can accommodate any one of my sister’s different sized and shaped tea pots. The pot modelling in these pictures is one of the smaller ones so you  can’t see much of the pinky-purpley section at the bottom. The flowers on this one were simple ones that I pretty much just made up.

I love both cosies but the pink floral one is probably my favourite one at the moment because it’s the one I made most recently. Which do you like best?

I still (just!) have time to link up on Handmade Monday, and then I will be finishing off the edging on one of my long term projects, so make sure you check back to see the finished… Well, you’ll see!


6 thoughts on “Three magic words: crocheted tea cosies.

    • bamcrafts979 says:

      But that’s the main reason I love doing tea cosies, you can leave restraint and good taste in the dust and just go for it! Plus the more you keep adding embellishments the more efficient the insulation of the tea cosy is. 🙂


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