It’s finished! My fantastic, stripey, crochet gorgeousness!

I’ve been posting updates on and off since January about the blanket I’ve been making using the beautiful As-We-Go Stripey Blanket pattern by Hannah Davis of, and finally it’s finished!

Stripey crochet goodness!

But before I bombard you with images of the finished blanket, here’s a quick look back at some of the WIP photos.

5th January - Beautiful sunny colours to brighten up a winter’s day!

5th January – Beautiful sunny colours to brighten up a winter’s day!

13th January - Stripey crochet blanket work in progress. 26 rows and counting!

13th January – Stripey crochet blanket work in progress. 26 rows and counting!

20th January

20th January

5th February - I love my stripy crochet!

5th February – I love my stripey crochet!

10th February - I'm at about row 58 now!

10th February – I’m at about row 58 now!

25th February - At around row 74

25th February – At around row 74

10th March - at around row 101 it's getting harder and harder to take a decent picture of the whole thing!

10th March – at around row 101 it’s getting harder and harder to take a decent picture of the whole thing!

That fat white and ginger lump preventing me from taking a photo of my stripey blanket WIP is Meredith.

That fat white and ginger lump preventing me from taking a photo of my stripey blanket WIP is Meredith.

And now the finished blanket!


The spring sunshine really helped to bring out the bright colours! I chose to use Stylecraft Cotton DK Classique rather than Stylecraft Special Double Knit, partly because I’ve always wanted to make a cotton blanket. The other main reason was that I planned to have the finished blanket draped over the back of my sofa so it is cool and comfortable to lean back against in the hotter, stickier months.


And of course it looks fabulous! The ultimate compliment came from my younger sister, who has considerably more conservative tastes when it comes to colour. She said: “Well that’s a big piece of happy right there!” 😀

I used twelve of the colours that they make Stylecraft Cotton DK Classique in:

Sunflower (3662)
Hot Pink (3668)
Azure (3671)
Poppy (3672)
Lavender (3673)
Shrimp (3674)
Tropical Jade (3676)
Sky Blue (3667)
Seville (3670)
Nocturne (3669)
Wisteria (3664)
Soft Lime (3663)

Unfortunately the yardage for 100g of Classique Cotton isn’t as generous as 100g of Special DK so I did have to buy a second ball of each colour. I didn’t need much of the second ball of each colour, which was a bit frustrating as it doubled the cost of blanket, but on the plus side: lots of lovely dk cotton yarn for my stash! I count that as a win!

The only colour I used less than a whole 100g ball of was the wisteria that I only used for the border. I deviated a little from the instructions by doing three rounds of single crochet then doing the picot round in lavender.


I wanted a darker edge on the final round so it would be less likely to show if it got a bit dirty, but I think it looks really good too!

I loved making this blanket. The instructions that Hannah put together were clear, easy to follow and beautifully illustrated with excellent photos. I learned quite a few new stitches! Please take the time to check out Hannah’s lovely blog at There is a photo gallery of some of the blankets other people have made with this wonderful pattern that Hannah has shared with us all for free. She credits this blanket by Jules at as her inspiration for the project but all the work she put into writing and illustrating this pattern is absolutely amazing, and she definitely had her own take on the idea.

I’m already making my next blanket, a granny stripe blanket using the pattern by Lucy from Attic24 so I’ve still got plenty to keep me busy!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering how Mr BAM feels about me taking over our home with crochet…


… I think he sees the benefits!


55 thoughts on “It’s finished! My fantastic, stripey, crochet gorgeousness!

    • bamcrafts979 says:

      Thank you! Cats and crochet just seem to go together, and Meredith is always at her most smug when she’s parked herself right on top of my latest WIP. At least she doesn’t try to bite the yarn any more! 🙂


        • bamcrafts979 says:

          A spray bottle full of water. It sounds mean but after a couple of squirts you only have to reach for the bottle and they go running! But that’s only if they are actually being destructive. I wouldn’t squirt water at them for just sitting on my crochet or trying to get my attention (even when this involves sitting behind me and clawing at my head until I stop what I’m doing and fuss over them!)


          • fallfromgrace349 says:

            ooo thats a good tip actually, I may invest in a squirty bottle. I must admit Im a soft touch, when they come and sit on top of my frame when im sewing I cant helped but stroke them. I need to curb bad habits 🙂


  1. Patchwork Fairy says:

    That’s a wonderful blanket and a really good size. I can’t wait to make mine – I have to finish my Ripple Blanket first!! I’d love to make it in cotton so it’s good to know the yardage needed – thanks. I am hoping for a stylecraft sale soon!


  2. Lilly's Mom says:

    It’s a lovely blanket. I SO enjoyed reading this post. I started making this blanket earlier this month and I think I’m at row 74 right now. It is so much fun to make and see how the colors come together. Congrats on a beautiful creation.


  3. AUNTIE SHAN says:

    Lovely Job! — But Now, you’ll have to take those new Skills & Stitches you’ve learned and ALL of that Leftover yarn and make SOMETHING ELSE! Perhaps, a giant single Granny Square [rectangle] Blanket? And don’t worry if you run out of a colour on any row around, just continue with a different one, so your colours and stitches will melt into each other…


  4. Julie says:

    A thing of beauty is a joy forever! Lovely lovely lovely! I NEED to make me one of these (one day, maybe when I’m retired!) Funny what your sister said, I had a granny square blanket that my nan made for me when I was young (my daughter has it now) and I called it my Happy Blanket as the colours are so lovely and happy!


    • bamcrafts979 says:

      EXACTLY! I was trying to explain to my 10 year old nephew that although he enjoyed spending hours playing computer games he’d have nothing to show for it later, whereas I now have a beautiful blanket! He gave me a funny look and said “that’s okay, you can keep crocheting things. I’ll work on my high score”. 🙂


  5. Womblingway says:

    It looks fabulous. I like the cotton, it gives the stitches more definition. I once knit a cable blanket out of cotton for my sister and it still looks great. Well done.


  6. Martha says:

    Simply beautiful. i love how much folky your blanket is. the richness of textures, patterns and colours is simply stunning. great job. so much work, effort and heart must have gone into it!


  7. onoodlesstitchcraft says:

    Can’t think of a more original word so I will say what everyone else has said- STUNNING!
    Love your work; think we have alot in common!


  8. astitchisastitch says:

    Just found a picture of your absolutely gorgeous blanket – great job with the colors, and managing all those different stitches! I’m about to start on a baby blanket for a friend, and was looking for inspiration (typing in the search words ‘funky crochet blanket’ btw ;-))). I’ve found what I was looking for, I think. Thank you for sharing your awesome work!


    • bamcrafts979 says:

      Glad you liked it! The real credit has to go to notyouraveragecrochet for providing such an amazing pattern free of charge. Her facebook page has loads of amazing pictures of all the different blankets made with the pattern. I’m tempted to start another one! Good luck with your baby blanket. 🙂


  9. Anne says:

    Love your colourful blanket, I had been thinking of doing this pattern. I was wondering did you do the same number of foundation chains as stated as your looks the right size that I would like to do


    • bamcrafts979 says:

      The pattern says any multiple of 3 then plus 2, so a quick count of the clusters (84) suggests I started with a starting chain of 254, rather than Attic 24’s more manageable 239. The pattern does make a lovely blanket, so enjoy! 🙂

      EDIT: Argh! just realised I posted an answer about the Attic 24 Blanket on the NYAC Stripey blanket post! Apologies to anyone I have thoroughly confused! For the NYAC blanket (ie the one in this post) I think I just followed the pattern as written.


    • bamcrafts979 says:

      I will try to double check for you when I get the blanket out of its winter storage, but as far as I recall I just followed the pattern as written. Sorry for my confusing previous answer! I was not paying attention and quite obviously talking out of my bottom. Pregnancy is playing havoc with my concentration! 🙂


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