PJ bottoms in funky vintage floral fabric & some nifty little kit projects

Last week I was showing off my foxy PJ bottoms, and this week (as promised) I have a new pair to show you!

Vintage fabric PJs

As I didn’t have the pattern I used in the sewing class, I dug through the patterns I bought a while ago from simplicitynewlook.com when they were on sale, and chose option C from Newlook pattern 6710. I had to use the largest size 😦 and I made a slight adjustment so I wouldn’t have to cut a separate piece of fabric to enclose the waist elastic, but over all I was very pleased with how easy it was to use this pattern!


It was very satisfying to use a vintage sheet that I bought for £3 for the fabric. The large floral print and the cropped style give the PJ bottoms a very summery, almost Hawaiian look that I just love!

As with the foxy PJs I made last time, I found that the hardest part of the making process was cutting out the fabric, and although I did have a dedicated pair of fabric scissors, they just weren’t up to the job. The X-Cut pair I’d been using had been selected purely because that was what was in stock in my local fabric shop when I decided to buy a new pair, but this time I decided to do some research online. The two most recommended brands by sewing bloggers were Gingher and Friskars, and I saw some particularly glowing reviews of these soft touch, spring loaded (!) multi-purpose Fiskars scissors.

My old X-Cut scissors at the top, and my sexy new Fiskars spring-loaded ones at the bottom

My old X-Cut scissors at the top, and my sexy new Fiskars spring-loaded ones at the bottom

What a difference a good pair of scissors makes!

And now for a confession…

I have a problem.

I am addicted to craft magazines.

TOTALLY addicted.

It started with just a couple of crochet magazines every month (Simply Crochet and Inside Crochet), but every time I went to the magazine rack other, less familiar titles started whispering my name. Soon I had to pick up Mollie Makes too. Then the Craftseller, then more crochet and knitting magazines, and finally upcycling magazines so pretentious they made my teeth itch, and yet I still kept buying them!

Bookcase groaning under the weight of all those issues, I had to take action.

I gave up buying copies of Inside Crochet in favour of a Kindle subscription, but I just couldn’t give up on the free gifts that came with every issue of Simply Crochet and Mollie Makes. I rarely actually used the free gifts, but I wanted them! So I bought myself a postal subscription to Simply Crochet (with another free gift! woohoo!) and Mr BAM got me one to Mollie Makes for Christmas, and now, at least in theory, I can stay away from the temptation of the news stand.

But all those little gifts have been piling up. Some of them, like the giant wooden button that came with an issue of Simply Crochet, are just biding their time, waiting for the right project to come along. Others, such as note books, crochet hooks and a tape measure, get sporadic use when they are handy at the right moment, but it’s the little kits to make things that have sat sad and neglected on my bookshelf… until now!

In a sudden and unexpected burst of motivation, I made four of these kits in the last week!

First up: the Dreamcatcher Crochet Kit that came free with the current issue of Simply Crochet.


I was intrigued with the idea of crocheting a dreamcatcher, and Tanya Kaylan’s pattern was easy to use and had the potential to be very effective. Unfortunately the quality of the materials in the kit was pretty poor, especially the nasty cheap acrylic yarn and the flimsy plastic hoop. I have no intention of hanging this one up on display. It’s a bit of a mess!

Next up: the Sardine Keyring kit from issue 29 of Mollie Makes


I love this one! The fish are just so cute and quirky! Actually my fish are particularly quirky because I chose not to print and and use the templates from the magazine. The fabric was so thin that I thought I might get away with put the fabric on top of the magazine and just tracing the patten pieces straight onto it. Well, it sort of worked! I think the shapes in the original pattern by Zoe Patching look much smarter, but I still love my odd fish! I hand sewed these, and it think it shows I haven’t done much hand sewing in a while!

Next up: the Ditsy Floral Fabric Brooch from the current issue of Mollie Makes.


Look a little familiar?

Look closer…


Yup, it’s a Kanzashi flower! I blogged about my Clover Kanzashi flower making gadget back in March, but this kit for Gemma Nemer’s flower corsage came with instructions how to use the traditional method that involves starting with little circles of fabric. It was interesting to use this method, but the real appeal of this kit was pretty floral fabric and the genuine (replica) vintage button. I adore the turquoise button!

And finally: Kitschy Digitals Retro Felt Doll from issue 34 of Mollie Makes.


This kit was by far my favourite, although it was the fiddliest and most time consuming! The face on my doll isn’t quite as cute as Danielle Thompson’s original (all the features are a bit too big and the hair could be neater), but over all I was pleased with how like the picture on the packet she looked! I didn’t bother making the tiny embroidery floss shoe laces, as I thought they would just look like loose threads stuck to the felt. The only problem with this kit was that mine didn’t have any green felt for the dress in it! Luckily I had some of approximately the right weight and colour in my stash, so disaster averted. Now I just have to find a spot on my shelves for her to sit.


Making these kits was a nice change of pace, and the doll in particular has inspired me to try my hand at a few other little sewing projects, and I’ll blog about them at a later date.

I haven’t abandoned my crochet though! I just can’t blog about my current WIP at the moment because it’s a birthday present for someone who might see this post, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise! It should be finished in plenty of time because I won’t be going out much this week. One of our cats, Oliver, had to have an operation at the weekend to deal with a nasty abscess on his face, and he’s now confined to the living room with the obligatory cone of shame. He’s doing well, but he really doesn’t like being kept in, so the least I can do is to keep him company, poor thing. Our other two cats, Missy and Meredith, are absolutely outraged that they are being kept out of the living room, but at least they can scamper about in the sunshine, and they still have access to the bedroom, the coolest room in the flat. Meanwhile the race is on to see who develops Stockholm syndrome first: me or Ollie.

Okay, time for some linkups:  Handmade Monday  at HandmadeHarbour and Link It or Lump it at  Dreamalittlebigger.

8 thoughts on “PJ bottoms in funky vintage floral fabric & some nifty little kit projects

    • bamcrafts979 says:

      I have to make sure there’s at least one thing I want to make in the magazine too so I’m not just buying it for the freebies! Not that I always get round to making it…


  1. simone waters says:

    Hi, did your sweet pocket doll come with instructions? I have cut all the pieces out but not sure where to start !


    • bamcrafts says:

      It’s on page 88 of issue 34 of Mollie Makes. Sadly they ask not to share the instructions of their makes online but if you email me ill see what I can do. 😉 Or you could buy a back issue? X


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