Cute little hand sewn pouch purses, quick dash to Germany, and (very) minor brush with fame!

I’ve well and truly fallen in love with sewing again. It’s not that I ever really fell out of love with it, but lack of practice had undermined my confidence leaving me too nervous to even try. Fortunately learning how to follow a pattern to make pyjama bottoms, together with the kits I made last week, gave me the confidence to get cracking on some of the projects that have been a very long time in the planning stage! But it was a pattern for a little pouch purse sewn almost all by hand that really captured my attention and pushed its way to the head on the queue.

Kyaza Pochi

I’d seen various pictures on Pintrest of this cute little design, but it was this free Kyaza Pochi tutorial cleverly put together from an original Japanese pattern by zakkainspired that I followed. I used a medium weight iron-on interfacing rather than iron-on fleece, and I chose a different fabric to line the pouch instead of using the same for the inner and outer, but other than that I pretty much stuck to the tutorial. I used dinner plates as my templates for the circles, and I found making the fabric strip (which encloses the top) twice the length of the zip gives the pouch nice proportions.


I decided to sew the whole thing by hand, partly for the practice and partly because there are only a couple of steps you could do on a machine anyway. This meant that the project was portable, which was handy because I couldn’t stop at making just one pouch…

3 zakka pouches

In fact, I stitched most of my eighth pouch made to this design in international waters on a cross channel ferry this weekend! Of course I had all my cotton reels and sewing accessories easily to hand in one of the pouches I’d already completed, and it was perfect for the job!

pouch full of sewing notionsOne of the nice things about the design of this purse is that when you unzip it, the pouch almost transforms into a little bowl or basket, making it easy to see and reach everything inside. There is no need to rummage around for what you want; it’ s all just sitting there out in the open but unable to roll away!

circle travel pouch purse

I think a few of these little pouches will find their way into my Folksy shop, but some have already been given away or promised to various people. I think I’ll still be making these for a while yet!

zakka circle purse

It was a bit of a wrench to leave my poorly cat Ollie whilst Mr BAM and I did our mad dash to Cologne in Germany and back again at the weekend, but he’s doing so much better that it won’t be long before he’s out and about without the cone of shame. My mum took care of him (and our other two healthy kitties) whilst we were away. It was unfortunate timing, but we had planned this trip months ago to help a very good friend of mine move her stuff back to the UK after nearly two years of working abroad. Most of the trip was spent driving, but we did manage to fit in a meal at a steak house on Friday evening and a trip to Cologne’s magnificent six hundred year old cathedral the following morning. I didn’t bother taking many pictures as I wanted to enjoy as much as I could whilst I was there, but we did take this selfie!

Cologne selfie

We’re already looking into going back to Cologne for a longer stay as our feet barely touched the ground this time! When we arrived home I was delighted to find the latest issue of Simply Crochet magazine waiting for me on the doormat. I was too exhausted from the journey to read it properly, so I decided just to flick through it before I went to bed but I stopped dead when I saw this article about Fibre East on page 14!

2014-05-26 09.49.42

That’s me! Or rather my hands! I even remember this photo being taken because the photographer asked my permission before snapping away at me having a go on the peg loom that one of the weaving guilds had set up for people to try. It’s actually pretty easy to tell it’s me anyway, between the distinctive jewellery and the glimpses of my tattoos! I’d definitely recommend visiting Fibre East this year if you can, as it is a fantastic opportunity to see and buy everything wool and yarn related. It’s on the 26th and 27th July in Ampthill, Bedfordshire and you can find all the details at the Fibre East website.

Right, I should just have time to sneak in under the wire at HandmadeMonday

6 thoughts on “Cute little hand sewn pouch purses, quick dash to Germany, and (very) minor brush with fame!

    • bamcrafts979 says:

      Thanks! I did buy a peg loom of my own but I’ve hardly used it, so with all the time I spend crocheting, it’s ironic that a crochet magazine would print a picture of me using one! The fabric all came my stash, mostly from my collection of fat quarters, so it eased the guilt over my tendency to hoard fabric a little. 🙂


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