More skirts, another granny square bag, and an assortment of events

July has been a busy month for me, and somehow my makes have dropped out of sync with my posts. I’m not complaining, it’s lovely to have so much going on, but I don’t want any projects to slip through the cracks. This blog is as much about me keeping a record for myself as it is about showing off to you lot!

That said, I do want to show off the sequels to the BA*M! skirt. I made them especially to wear to LFCC, and I bought the fabric at a fantastic shop in Tunbridge Wells called World of Sewing. I could have cheerfully spent a fortune there, but I was good and only bought what I needed to make two skirts.

With the first one I tried inserting pockets, and had mixed results. They looked okay, but were a bit too small to fit my hands in properly. As a first attempt they weren’t too bad.

Panda skirt by *B*A*M! CraftsI think I’m getting better with the gathers.

Panda skirt detailI don’t normally go for black and white patterns, but I totally fell in love with the panda print!

Panda printIt looks great with a black top, but you’ll just have to take my word for it because I don’t have any pictures of me wearing it at the moment. I didn’t actually wear it at LFCC in the end because the waist was just a little too big and needed taking in a bit. I sorted it out and wore it yesterday though, and it is now a pandafully perfect fit!

The pandas were cute, but I wanted something edgier and more rock ‘n roll for my other LFCC skirt. Flaming skulls, daggers and roses it is then!

Flaming skulls skirtSorry the pictures aren’t brilliant, but I never found the time to do my usual garden photo shoot, and these photos were snapped at the end of day three of the event, so neither me nor the skirt exactly look our best!

Wearing skull skirt at LFCCThese skirts are perfect for the hot weather we’ve been having recently. The only minor problems are that because they are quite full it only takes a fairly small gust on wind to lift them up, also I’m not used to wearing short skirts without leggings underneath, so I need to make sure I don’t bend over and flash my knickers! I think I’m going to make some lace edged petticoats to wear underneath that hang a little lower than the hem of the skirt. That way I can instantly add a little length if I want to and protect myself against uncooperative weather!

It hasn’t all been sewing this month; I have also been crocheting away as normal. I was so pleased with my green granny square bag that I started on another one. This time I used Nana’s Retro Flower in a Circle in a Square which was recommended by the lady with the knitting tattoo I met at a craft fair back in June. The flower element disappears if you don’t change colours at the appropriate rounds, but I preferred the look of using just circles in squares (or squircles as the lady with the tattoo called them!)

Squircles!Of course I used Stylecraft Special DK! I chose bright, happy, sunshiny colours, but don’t ask me which ones! I just tried to make each one a different combination of colours so I could just plonk them down any old way and know that there couldn’t be identical ones side by side. It still took a little bit of tweaking to make sure the two mostly yellow circles or the two mostly pale blue circles didn’t end up together, but that was easily sorted out.

Squircles bagThe pink bag is a bit smaller than the green one because the squares themselves were smaller.Granny Square bagI lined it with hot pink polycotton, which peeps through the holes in the squares beautifully.

Granny square bag liningI was a bit surprised that the overall shape of the bag was so much rounder than the green one I made. Perhaps it’s because I made the handles shorter too, and that might have pulled in the top a bit. Hmm. I’m going to do a blue one next, still using the squircles pattern but with an extra round of trebles to make each square a little bigger. Maybe I’ll make that one a shoulder strap instead of two handles.

So what has been keeping me so busy this month?

Well, I’m usually a stall holder at craft fairs these days, but on the 19th I had the pleasure of wandering around at A Trip Back In Time, Uniquely Steampunk Fair as a carefree customer! This was the first steampunk event organised by the lovely people who host the Briarpatch craft fair in Eastbourne (where I have had a stall at a few time now) and it went very well. It was helped hugely by the fact that there were entertainments laid on in the form of a drumming group called Styx (think steampunk samba), the Sussex Songsmith (for when you need to borrow a tenor), a troupe of belly dancers (complete with jingly jewellery and feathers on their sequinned bras!) a pole dancer (yeah… not sure about that one really) and free face painting from the Hobbycraft ladies. I think having a program of events really helped as people stuck around much longer, and a lot of people came in their best steampunk finery.

My friend Emma was new to the genre but still managed to put on a wonderful stall of handmade steampunk themed jewellery.

Emma's Steampunk stallShe raided my vintage doily collection to help dress the stall, and it made me wish I had more room to have them on display at home!

Stall well dressed in doilies But the following Saturday I was back behind the stall, this time at the Brighton Craft Fair.

*B*A*M Crafts at Brighton Craft Fair

Sales were a bit hampered by the stiflingly hot weather, but I had some enquiries about commissions, and amongst other things I did manage to sell my last two fox cubs. I was a bit sad to see them go, but I think I will be making more. Plus I still have the really grumpy one that I couldn’t sell because he is leaking a little stuffing (and is really angry looking!) I think the next lot might have little hats and scarves for Christmas, which seems utterly bonkers considering the current weather!

As I was writing this post I heard the news about the fire that has devastated a large part of Eastbourne’s Pier. It seems that they managed to stop it destroying the whole structure but it is so sad that something that is such a large part of my home town’s history and identity has been lost. Hopefully they will rebuild.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the pier I took on the 3rd July. I think it’s the last one I took.

My last picture of Eastbourne Pier before the fire.I’ll be going down to the seafront tomorrow for my Knit For Victory group, so I’ll have a chance to see the damage for myself. Sorry to end the post on such a downer, but I’ll cheer you up next time with the pictures I took at Fibre East at the weekend. Yarn and craftiness galore!

13 thoughts on “More skirts, another granny square bag, and an assortment of events

  1. Ali says:

    What fab fabric, the pandas make an amazing skirt. Both your craft stall displays look great, love your friends use of the dollies. It was sad to hear about the pier, your photo is a wonderful memory.
    Ali xx


    • bamcrafts979 says:

      Thank you! I have plans for my doilies, lots and lots of plans, but still not gotten around to doing much with them other than admire them and lend them out! Soon my pretties…
      Good news on the pier though. It was fully insured and they will rebuild and restore what survived! (Fortunately a lot did survive). 😀


  2. Suze says:

    Wow, you’ve been busy, your skirts and crochet bags look fab and your craft stall looks great, I really love those stripey plant pots you’ve done. X


    • bamcrafts979 says:

      Thank you! Craft shows can be fun, but I’ve found the sales are pretty meagre in the summer months. Can’t believe I’m saying this in August but… roll on Christmas! 🙂


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