July photo a day challenge

I often wish I’d taken more photos, not just of the obvious events like birthdays and family events, but of the simple, everyday things too. It always helps me to have a target to work towards, and having seen Fall From Grace Crafts blog about taking part in Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day challenge, I decided to give it a go.

Here are the prompts for July:


It really kept me motivated, and I did do all the prompts (even if some were a little late!), so I will definitely be doing the August challenge too.

I posted each photo on  my Instagram feed (with explanations when necessary!) but here are my photos for July all together:

01 red and white 02 something beginning with k 03 match 04 stars05 on the table 06 view 07 first 08 I've never 09 alive 10 sharp 11 gold 12 interior 13 look up 14 old school 15 torn 16 listening too17 sunshine 18 admire 19 curly 20 moment 21 basic 22 I wore this! 23 macro 24 water 25 home 26 fun 27 ten 28 cool 29 repeat 30 lost 31 rise

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