Shopping and drooling at Fibre East

How is already a week since I went to Fibre East with my mum and lil sis Katie?

This annual two day event celebrates every aspect of British fibre and craft, literally from the sheep to the finished jumper! it’s not just about spinning and hand knitting wool, although both those crafts are strongly represented. It also covers crochet (yay!), felting, weaving, rug making, machine knitting, button making, and… I can’t actually think of any more, but I’m pretty sure I’ve missed quite a few!

The event took place at Redborne Community College in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, and one of the benefits of holding an event in a school instead of a big venue like Alexandra Palace in London (I still shudder when I think of the crowds at the Knitting and Stitching Show last year) is that there is more room to spread out all the stalls across lots of different halls and tents, as well as plenty of outdoor space to sit and enjoy the sunshine with a picnic when you get hungry!

The yarn bombing of the venue was nothing on the scale of last year’s Yarndale – not that I ever saw it in person 😦 – but there was still some cute bunting around the venue and on the individual stalls.


And there was some impressive yarn bombing.

yarn bombedMy favourite yarn bombing effort was on a spinning wheel, and it had been cleverly done so that its owner could keep using it!

Izzy the spinning wheel

Izzy is the name of the spinning wheel, not the spinner!

One thing that you are unlikely to get at a wool show in the middle of a city is the Sheer Sheep Experience.Sheer Sheep Experience


You get to see a sheep being sheered, as well as hearing a fascinating talk about the qualities of the wool of different native breeds. You can even buy the fleece of the sheep you just saw being sheered, which of course my sister did! She still hasn’t spun the fleece she bought at last year’s show, but when she realised that the ewe we saw being shorn was named Jennifer (our older sister’s name) she couldn’t resist! The only trouble is that our sister Jenny may feel as if that wool has her name on it!

Mum and Katie enjoying the show

Mum and Katie enjoying the show

Katie inspecting the goods

Katie inspecting the goods

They brought plenty of spare sheep!

They brought plenty of spare sheep!

The sheep weren’t the only woolly critters at the show, there were plenty of handmade ones too!

Here are some of my favourites!

With thank to the people who let me take photos of their beautiful creations!

With thank to the people who let me take photos of their beautiful creations!

Of course there were loads and loads of AMAZING stalls selling, well, EVERYTHING!


If you’ve ever wondered how any fibre crafts are done, chances are there was a demonstration going on, or there was someone only too happy to show you. There was a tent where you could have a go at a lot of the crafts, and I tried a bit of rag rug making.

My little effort is the white bit at the front.

My little effort is the white bit at the front.

Hmm, that picture isn’t very inspiring, is it? Maybe I should show you the picture of all of the gorgeous finished rugs on display!

Rag rugsTucked away in a hall with the winning entries of the spinning and knitting competitions were these amazing panels that were originally supposed to be displayed at the Chelsea Flower show. It was tough to get decent pictures because they panels weren’t displayed very well, which was a real shame because they were stunning and so full of detail!

Three of my favourites

Three of my favourites

Fortunately there is an online gallery with photos of all the panels on knitrunforsanity’s blog.

It would have been an impossible task to pick just one handmade item that was my overall favourite, but out of all the ones I managed to take pictures of, it would have to be the Kissing Circles Blanket, designed by Amanda Perkins for the Natural Dye Studio.

Kissing Circles Crochet BlanketI absolutely love it!

Kissing Circles Crochet BlanketLooking at the photos again, I really wished I’d bought the pattern! At least I remember to jot down the details.

Needless to say I bought a lot of yarn, but I’m not going to post any incriminating evidence!

Well, maybe just a little….

This is Mum and Katie heading back to the car with just some of the goodies we bought that day. note the bags full of raw fleece and the shopping trolley stuffed full to bursting point!

Woolly loot!I can’t wait to go again next year! 😀



4 thoughts on “Shopping and drooling at Fibre East

    • bamcrafts979 says:

      Fibre East is only in its third year, and new wool festivals seem to be popping up everywhere recently! Sounds like you need to plan a holiday to the UK next year to see them! 🙂 My photos are slowly improving, but I’m in awe of some of the bloggers out there who post truly amazing pictures. It’s good to have something to aim for though!


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