Brian the amigurumi bear and crocheted air raid warden owls

Crochet really lends itself to working in 3D in a spontaneous way, especially when you work amigurumi style, in a spiral. There are some wonderful amigurumi patterns out there, and I’ve tried a few, but honestly I’m much happier making it up as I go along!

In one of my earliest blog posts I featured a captnip filled octopus that I made for my cats out of string, which was one of my first improvised amigurumi creations. Then came a dog for my niece, and Punkey the Monkey for my nephew for their respective birthdays, so of course their older sister requested a teddy for her birthday too. Well, I got as far as the head and the torso… and then I stalled. When I finally realised it was almost birthday season again I found that poor armless and legless bear and finished him! (As in gave him arms and legs, not taking him out back and shooting him…)

Amigurumi bearAfter my eldest niece waited so patiently for her bear, I felt I owed her a little something extra, so I made it a little waistcoat with a lazy daisy stitched on as a buttonhole.

crochet bear waistcoat closeupShe was very pleased with her bear, and it was decided that his name was Brian. His overall look was very much inspired by my niece herself: specifically her big blue eyes!

I had absolutely no excuse for taking so long to finish poor Brian, he worked up very quickly! I used two strands of Drops Safran cotton held together and a 3mm hook to give a nice dense construction. For some reason I did the head and torso in half trebles, but for the limbs I used the more usual stitch for amigurumi, doubles (UK terms). I think I tried half trebles just to see if it would work, and it was okay but not as dense as the doubles.

The other recipient of my amigurumi efforts is my Knit For Victory group (we now have a Facebook page!). Almost all of my crochet gnomes and Santas have now sold, so I decided it was about time I whipped them up something else to sell on the stall. Inspired in part by the whole WW2 knit for victory theme, but also by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight that takes place as part of the Airbourne Airshow  every year in Eastbourne, I came up with these Air Raid Warden owls.

Air raid owlsThe pictures aren’t great because I took them on my phone and the lens is a bit scratched up. It gives them a bit of a soft focus look!

amigurumi crochet owl wardensI had them finished in time for the start of Airbourne on Thursday, and not long after I left the Redoubt I saw the Memorial Flight pass overhead. It gave me chills seeing the last two surviving Lancaster Bombers escorted by of a pair of Spitfires. The politics of war is always an ugly business but we owe a lot to those who choose to serve their country.

I didn’t mange to snap any pictures on Thursday, but I did take these when they flew again on Saturday.

Lancaster bombersMemorial FlightLancaster bombers and Spitfires over EastbourneMemorial FlightThat last one is quite surreal! I have no idea what the Stay Puft marshmallow man from Ghost Busters had to do with the air-show, but it made for some interesting pictures!

My favourite picture from this weekend was one I snapped on my phone on Thursday. It features my mum waving like a maniac at the Red Arrows.

Waving at the Red Arrows



Don’t forget to check in to see what’s going on at Handmade Harbour for Handmade Monday!

Moogly HOHD

12 thoughts on “Brian the amigurumi bear and crocheted air raid warden owls

  1. Flip Coast Creations says:

    Oh, I love me some Spitfires. When I was living in London the RAF museum became a weekly haunt. We do not learn much about the Battle of Britain here in the US so I thoroughly enjoyed soaking up as much history as possible. Great shots – I can almost hear the planes soaring overhead! And those owls are a hoot!


    • bamcrafts979 says:

      Can’t believe one of the Lancaster bombers flew all the way from Canada! It must have been held together by sheer will power! But there is something very special about the Spitfire though, and seeing them fly over the south coast really is very moving.


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