A knitted shawl, a crochet shawl and badger related excuses

Sometimes everyday life gets in the way of my blog, and sometimes it bundles me into a sack, throws me off a cliff and leaves me fending off wild badgers with nothing but a teaspoon and the evil glint in my eye. The last week has been nothing but badgers and teaspoons.

To be terminally cheerful about the whole thing, the upside is that I got a lot of knitting done whist waiting around the hospital, and Mr BAM is now safely home and infection free after some minor surgery. Also, I can safely say that I have definitely not missed my vocation as a nurse. We really don’t pay those poor people enough!

I impulsively began knitting another shawl almost as soon as I”d finished my Noro one, but opting for a much simpler pattern ( LaLa’s Simple Shawl – free pattern on Ravelry) so I could just pick it up and go whenever I had time to kill. After the slubby Noro yarn, the slinky sugar cane viscose of the Araucania Ruca yarn I dug out from my stash is amazingly soft, if splitty.

Knitted viscose shawl work in progress

It’s not a great picture, but this project is what has kept me sane over the last week, so I think it has earned a special mention!

It is an easy, stress free pattern, which is why I took it with me to the hospital, but the shawl I should have been working on is this crochet one.

Magic flow crochet shawl WIPIt’s called the Magic Flow Shawl and it’s taking me a considerable amount of concentration. The pattern repeat is fairly easy once you get going, but you have to be very careful to follow the chart precisely at the start and end of every row to make sure everything lines up correctly. Ideally I’ll have it finished in time to enter it in the C and H Fabrics Knitting Bee at the start of October, but I’ll really have to get a move on!

I’ve been chipping away at my long list of WIPs (more of that in another post) but of course that hasn’t stopped me starting more! The yarn I bought to make Attic24’s Raindrops cushion resurfaced recently, so I couldn’t resist starting that!

Raindrops crochet cushion WIP

I have actually finished some projects lately, really I have. As soon as I beat those badgers in to submission I will post pictures (of the finished projects, not those pesky badgers.)

Beth 🙂

8 thoughts on “A knitted shawl, a crochet shawl and badger related excuses

  1. gladeridercrafts says:

    That knitted shawl looks so soft! And I’m glad that everything is alright with your family now, I love that idea of getting thrown off a cliff with nothing but some teaspoons! I may start using it when I feel overwhelmed… oh the possibilities!


    • bamcrafts979 says:

      Shawls are awesome. All the snuggle of a blanket but less likely to trip you up on the way to the loo. I love your cushions btw, and is that a Granny Stripe blanket in progress? I have one of those too! 🙂


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