Crochet cardigan in cool cotton – found and finished at last!

Remember the crochet cardigan WIP that I managed to lose? Well, I did find it again and, miraculously, managed to finish it! I was so close to finishing it already that I really can’t explain why I stopped with just half a sleeve and the making up to do.

Here it is modeled by my marvelous mannequin Dolly. Don’t worry. She’s armless… ba-boom tish!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I found the pattern in one of those dusty old folders that all yarn shops seem to have. There are always stacks of folders dedicated to knitted matinee jackets and bootees, but all the crochet patterns are crammed into the back half of the one labelled miscellaneous. This particular pattern is number 3092 by King Cole. There wasn’t much to choose from, but I did like its wide, almost off the shoulder neckline, and the picot edging.

The pattern called for King Cole DK, preferably merino, but I don’t much like King Cole yarn as it tends to be thin and scratchy, plus my stupid sensitive skin often doesn’t get on well with wool. I took a risk and substituted the DK merino for some Cygnet Essentially Cotton DK that I bought on sale. It is 60% cotton 40% acrylic, and probably a bit thicker than King Cole’s mean DK so I had to allow for that. I still ended up starting again with a smaller hook and a smaller size after my first attempt at the back was enormous. (Confession: it wasn’t until this point that I relented and checked the tension!)

I’d been on the lookout for the right buttons for this cardigan for months, even when I wasn’t exactly sure where it was! I was considering wooden buttons, or at least ones that looked like they were made of wood, but nothing was really grabbing me. Some of my favourite shop-bought cardigans have deliberately mismatched buttons, so I decided to go with that idea instead.

crochet cardigan closeup All the buttons came from the button box at one of my local charity shops. I love the way they look together, plus they only cost pennies!

The cotton does make the cardigan a little heavier than if were made from wool or acrylic, but I quite like that. I haven’t washed it yet, so it remains to be seen if the yarn will soften or stay quite crisp. It’s going to look great worn over my winter dresses, and, as someone who tends to overheat easily, cotton cardigans are a year round staple for me.

The pattern was plain and easy to the point of being a bit boring, so it’s unlikely I’ll use it again. I suppose might do the sleeveless pullover at some point, but the sorry state of the paper pattern reminded me why I prefer to have all my patterns saved on my Kindle!

Speaking of which, I have a great pattern lined up for a cotton/ alpaca mix cardigan. As soon as I can find and finish that jumper I already started, I’ll get right on it!

Moogly HOHD

18 thoughts on “Crochet cardigan in cool cotton – found and finished at last!

  1. gladeridercrafts says:

    Wow, very nice! Well done for finishing it too! And I also love non-matching buttons, although I don’t think I’d be brave enough to not match buttons on anything I make. Maybe if I find a charity shop with a box of buttons I might, I suppose.


  2. sewchet says:

    Gorgeous colour and I love the buttons. Have just bought sooo many handmade buttons from the artisans at Yarndale; they really can take a garment into the next league, can’t they?


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