New Dawn: Lacy crochet top in Deckster Blue

Here’s a project I finished weeks ago (but was waiting to be blocked): the New Dawn jumper from Inside Crochet issue 51. For once I used the yarn the pattern called for, Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK, although I used Deckster Blue instead of the Tangy orange colour in the magazine.

Crochet jumper 1

Crochet jumper 2

It’s taken a while for me to post pictures because it needed some fairly serious blocking to open up the stitches and add a few inches so it wasn’t skin tight!  Continue reading

The Knitting and Stitching Show – I came, I saw, I bought the lot.

I had quite a grumble about the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace last year, but the lure of all that beautiful yarn was enough to overcome my reluctance to face the hoards of shoppers again this year. Having been half trampled and totally rushed due to going as part of a coach trip on the Saturday last time (what were we thinking?), this time me and Mum took the train up for the Thursday, and boy what a difference that made! Not only did we have a more comfortable journey, when we got there we could actually walk around freely in what ever direction we wanted without being restricted by the strange currents and tides of the crowd dragging us along! Continue reading

Knitted sugar leaf shawl finished!

My last post was a very sad one, and before I move on to happier subjects I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to read, like or comment on it. Meredith was a wonderful little cat and it was kind of you all to spare a thought for us.

Anyway, happy thoughts! I have a finished project to show off. It’s the shawl I’ve been knitting in Araucania Ruca, which is a deliciously soft yarn made from 100% sugar cane. It took two 100g skeins which works out at a total of about 482m for the whole shawl, and it always amazes me how much further yarn will go if you knit with it instead of crochet!

Sugar leaf shawl on sofa

Continue reading

Hulk inspired crochet blanket plus pink sock monkey

October is usually the time I start worrying about making Christmas presents for my family, but a run of niecling and nephling birthdays from mid-august means that I’ve had plenty of gifts to make well before the dreaded December deadline. I try not to post pictures of something I’ve made as a gift before I’ve given it to its intended recipient, so it’s easy for them to get overlooked on this blog in favour of projects that I can show off the second I’ve finished them.

So, with apologies to niecling no 2 who is still waiting for the circle skirt I promised her (shhh! I think she’s forgotten!), let’s start with niecling no 3. Continue reading