Sunburst Tea Cosy – my new crochet pattern (and its free!)

Sunburst tea cosies

Remember the Sunburst Tea Cosy I gave you a sneak peek of last week? Well, I’ve been double and triple checking my notes so that I could share this brand spanking new crochet pattern with you here! It would make a great Christmas present for a tea lover, and it works up quickly because it is made in aran weight yarn. It’s a lot simpler to make than it looks too! The final round of the top piece is where all the magic happens, so I’ve included extra photos to show you what’s what. Continue reading

Knitted bauble covers with hearts and stripes – new pattern!

hearts and stripes knitted baubles

I LOVE making knitted bauble covers. I started out using the pattern from Mollie Makes Magazine issue 46 but I came up with my own version of the pattern when I couldn’t make them fit my baubles properly, and I couldn’t resist adding stripes and a little row of hearts!

The baubles I use measure just over 18cm around, and I bought them in Homebase. I found the best way to fine tune the fit is trying different size needles to alter the tension, but remember the heart pattern does need larger needles because its not as stretchy. Continue reading

Three free tea cosy patterns reviewed – or why tea pots are better than Barbie dolls.

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I’ve been so caught up in making things again that I’ve neglected to show you the results. My latest obsession is the humble tea cosy I LOVE woolly tea cosies. I love them far more than is reasonable for someone who prefers to make the countless cups of tea she drinks (milk in first, no sugar thanks) in a cup and not use a tea pot at all!

I have plenty of tea pots, I just tend not to use them… unless it is to model a lovely handmade tea cosy! In which case I’m happier than a six year old with a brand new Barbie, a shoe box full of doll clothes, and a sharp pair of nail scissors ready to give poor old Babs a new haircut. Tea pots make much better models, and people are a little less inclined to give you funny looks when you show them pictures of them in their latest outfit.

Anyway, I digress. I love tea cosies. Continue reading

Blankets old and new – plus surgery on an old (knitted) friend

I’m the crafty type who always has a stupid number of projects on the go, but there’s one work in progress that’s been around for so long that I usually forget to count it: my knitted squares blanket. I don’t remember exactly when I started making squares for this project, but it was probably in my mid-to-late teens. As the blanket still isn’t finished nearly twenty years later, you can probably guess that progress was a bit slow!

knitted patchwork blanket long term WIP

Continue reading