Cosy pots and baubles

Work tableI’ve had this idea for a crochet tea cosy pattern buzzing around in my head for ages, but I’ve only just gotten around to having a go at a prototype. It needs some work, particularly planning out the colour changes, but I love how the texture turned out.

sunburst tea cosyI’m already working on a second version, and I’m taking loads of notes so I should be able to post the pattern soon. I couldn’t resist knitting another super chunky tea cosy too (link to free pattern here).

super chunky knitted tea cosyI seem to be caught up in a balancing act between trying to finish numerous half finished projects and getting all my christmassy ideas made in time. These lavender bags have been sitting on my work table for weeks waiting to be filled and stitched up. They were made from scraps of felted charity shop jumpers, and odds and ends from my rag bag. They’re more just plain shabby than shabby chic, but I made them to use, not to give away or sell, so they don’t have to be perfect!

lavender bagsThey are stuffed with the finest dried lavender that ebay can provide, and I added a few drops of lemongrass essential oil. Not only does it make the lavender bags smell heavenly, it also helps to ward off the dreaded Moth. I’ve already tucked one inside the drawer with my New Dawn crochet jumper, so hopefully it will remain un-nibbled!

Tea pots aren’t the only things I’ve been knitting cosies for recently. I’ve been knitting these bauble covers from last month’s Molly Makes magazine. I had to experiment a bit with the tension to make them fit the baubles as they were a slightly different size to the ones in the pattern.

knitted baublesFinding a box of plain baubles that were all one size proved to be a bit of a challenge as they all seem to come in mixed sizes this year. I eventually found some in Homebase, and it was worth shopping around so I could get the fit right, then I could concentrate on playing around with the fairisle pattern. The pale blue ones with the arrows and diamond pattern were the ones from the magazine, but I think I prefer the stripey one and the one with the hearts, which were my own variations. Maybe I’ll even get through the whole box of 36 baubles!

I don’t like posting pictures of presents before I’ve given them, but I couldn’t resist taking a sneaky photo of the blanket I’ve just finished for nieceling no 2 for Christmas.

rainbow ripple blanket

How gorgeous are those colours? I’ll do a proper post after Christmas, but of the four blankets I’ve made with this pattern, this one is definitely my favourite!

I may have rather rashly promised to make another of these blankets for my neighbour, but only once Christmas is out of the way. Then I might just have to make another rainbow one just for me!

Beth 🙂

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