New knitting pattern: Super simple super chunky leg warmers

Easy knitted leg warmers

I didn’t set out to write a knitting pattern for leg warmers, but (after some disastrously saggy in-the-round experimentation) one happened! I wanted something simple that I could wear both around the house and out and about with my beloved purple Doc Martens, so they don’t quite reach from ankle to knee. I’m delighted with the result (especially all the mismatched buttons!) so I wrote up my notes so you can make them too! Continue reading

Sneaky heeled socks and cuddlesome cowl

It’s cold. It’s cold enough for me to be cursing the fact that that I haven’t been knitting and hooking warm winter woollies in the warmer months so that I could be safely cocooned in finished projects by now. The thing is, for most of the year I’m too hot or on the verge of over-heating, so when winter does roll around I’m a bit shocked to feel the cold at all.

I do have multiple crochet blankets to wrap myself in at home (which I do on a daily basis) but now winter is really here I want more. I want hand-knitted socks, cardigans, hats, jumpers, leg warmers, scarves… basically everything I spend most of the year convinced I won’t really need!

Actually, the exception is socks. I started on my travelling socks in October, and they went everywhere with me as my on-the-go WIP until I finally finished them around New Year.

Bamboo socks Continue reading

Yarn review for FLUFFIEST SOFTEST YARN EVER! – also a hat and fingerless gloves

It wasn’t all amigurumi all Christmas 2014, I also knitted a couple of presents too. Although I pushed myself a bit, trying patterns with unfamiliar techniques and features, it was a new kind of yarn that made it really exciting.

Drops Air

Two things really drew me to Drops Air: its high alpaca content (72% with the rest 21% polyamide and 7% wool) and its unusual construction. Most yarn is spun, either by hand or machine, but Drops Air is described as “blow yarn”. Continue reading

More crocheted amigurumi presents for kids – the dragon and the penguin

amigurumi dragon and penguinIn the week before Christmas, and only three days before I was due to see one of my best friends I realised I had yet to make a present for her little boy. To make matters worse, it was his 3rd birthday recently so it had better be something good! I knew one of his latest little obsessions was the cartoon Mike the Knight, which featured a dragon, so all I had to do was find a suitable pattern. Continue reading

Amigurumi Christmas gifts for geeky boys

In my last post I mentioned the the Mario themed amigurumi I made for nephling no 1, so here are the pictures, as promised.


Piranha plant and Mario mushroom I’m not a Mario fan but I love how the piranha plant turned out. I’m seriously tempted to use Lupita Suarez’s amazing free pattern on Ravelry to make an Audrey II (from Little Shop of Horrors)! Mr BAM did have to put up with me singing “Feed me, Seymour!” a lot when I was making this little crochet horror.

piranha plantMy nephew was a little confused by what he assumed was a plant pot, but when I pointed out that the green base was actually the end of a pipe, like in his games, he perked up, saying: “So the brown bit isn’t soil that it’s planted in, it’s actually raw sewage from the pipe! Awesome!”

Yup, he was most excited at the fact I’d crocheted sewage for him. If that’s not love, what is? Continue reading