Amigurumi Christmas gifts for geeky boys

In my last post I mentioned the the Mario themed amigurumi I made for nephling no 1, so here are the pictures, as promised.


Piranha plant and Mario mushroomΒ I’m not a Mario fan but I love how the piranha plant turned out. I’m seriously tempted to use Lupita Suarez’s amazing free pattern on Ravelry to make an Audrey II (from Little Shop of Horrors)! Mr BAM did have to put up with me singing “Feed me, Seymour!” a lot when I was making this little crochet horror.

piranha plantMy nephew was a little confused by what he assumed was a plant pot, but when I pointed out that the green base was actually the end of a pipe, like in his games, he perked up, saying: “So the brown bit isn’t soil that it’s planted in, it’s actually raw sewage from the pipe! Awesome!”

Yup, he was most excited at the fact I’d crocheted sewage for him. If that’s not love, what is?

He was also pleased with the Mario Mushroom too (pattern here), especially as it meant he had one good toy (the mushroom) and one evil one (the Piranha plant).

mario mushroomThe proportions of the Mario Mushroom are very distinctive, and I was very impressed that this free pattern nailed it a lot better than some of the paid for ones!

One thing about this pattern that totally revolutionised the way I do amigurumi was the recommendation that I used the invisible decrease method. I was always a bit disappoint with my amigurumi because somehow the decreases managed to be both too bulky and leave gaps, but less than two minutes on Youtube and the problem was solved! This is the video I used to learn the invisible decrease method, and it made such a difference!

So who is the other geeky boy the title of this post refers to? My big brother, who I can’t help thinking of as a geeky boy even though he is in his early forties. His wife is an amazing knitter and crocheter so it can be difficult to come up with ideas that hold up to the very high standard of work he is used to seeing! Last year I made him a a crochet scarf, and I was very pleased to see him wearing it this year. I had a look around on my hard drive to see is I could find a picture of it, but I could only find this one of when it was still a WIP.

Come to think of it, maybe this was his birthday present...

Come to think of it, maybe this was his birthday present…

The previous year I’d made him a crocheted zombie robot keyring from the Crobots book by Nelly Pailloux.

zombie crobotEven though he does apparently wear the scarf, I felt that of the two he enjoyed the zombie robot more, so this year I decided to go back to making something weird and unusual rather than trying to come up with something useful.

And how do you top a zombie robot?

With a crocheted Cthulhu, of course!

crochet cthulhuFor those unfamiliar with the with the fiction of H P Lovecraft, Cthulhu is an evil underwater god who looks part man, part dragon, part octopus. Think Bill Nighy’s character Davy Jones in the second Pirates of the Caribean movie, only bigger, scarier and with dragon wings! H P Lovecraft didn’t see much success as writer in his own lifetime, but his creations have gone on to be pretty influential. There are quite a few Cthulhu crochet patterns on Ravelry, but I chose this one by Rural Rebellion. I particularly liked the wings.

KODAK Digital Still CameraBig brother was impressed with little Cthulhu, and has requested further crochet oddities for him to put on his shelf over his computer. Like I said, geeky boy.

Now, keep those wings in mind, because they proved very handy as a starting point for some wings I needed to customise a pattern for someone else’s present…but for that you will have to wait a little bit longer.

MWAH HA HA HA! (mine is an evil laugh…)

9 thoughts on “Amigurumi Christmas gifts for geeky boys

    • bamcrafts979 says:

      Who wouldn’t love a little Cthulhu? If you look at the Ravelry page for the pattern there are pictures of a very dapper little Cthulhu that some one made with a top hat and monocle. Cutest evil elder god ever! πŸ™‚


  1. sewchet says:

    Men (and teenagers) are sooo hard to make for although I did manage this year. Next year is going to prove challenging as I don’t have a ‘geek’ who would appreciate these gems!


    • bamcrafts says:

      If you follow the link to pattern on ravelry there is an updated link that works. 😊 When I can get to my laptop will repost it here but phone a bit limited. πŸ˜•


        • bamcrafts says:

          Hmm, looks like the domain name has expired. I have contacted the owner to see if she has posted the pattern anywhere else and to ask permission to post the pattern on my blog as a guest post. I did still manage to access it by googling rural rebellion and Cthulu, so you could try that? If that doesn’t work I could email you the text of the pattern which I have saved on my tablet, but obviously I can’t post it on my blog without the writer’s permission! 😊


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