More crocheted amigurumi presents for kids – the dragon and the penguin

amigurumi dragon and penguinIn the week before Christmas, and only three days before I was due to see one of my best friends I realised I had yet to make a present for her little boy. To make matters worse, it was his 3rd birthday recently so it had better be something good! I knew one of his latest little obsessions was the cartoon Mike the Knight, which featured a dragon, so all I had to do was find a suitable pattern.

It wasn’t quite as straight forward as I hoped. The patterns on Ravelry were either gloriously complicated, too simple, too big, too small, too pokemon-y or just not quite what I had in mind. I definitely wanted a friendly looking, fat bottomed dragon with spines down its back, and it had to have wings and horns, but nothing was quite right.

Then I had the brainwave of looking through the patterns for dinosaurs, and came up with the Jurassic Cute Dinosaur pattern by Becky Garrett. There wasn’t a direct link or download for the pattern, but it was featured in issue 21 of Simply Crochet magazine… and I have issue 21 of Simply Crochet magazine!

All I had to do was improvise a few extra features and the dino became a dragon!

Amigurumi dragonTo make his face look more dragon-like I gave him big nostrils (for breathing fire, obviously!), yellow cats eyes (which look very serpent-like) and the horns were just little tubes of double crochet pulled tight at one end.

Finlay's DragonThe spines down the back were a part of the original dino design, but I made a larger version in red to be the arrow-like point at the end of his tail. For his wings I made a larger version of the ones from the Cthulhu pattern I used for my brother’s present, adding reinforcement at the top edge to make it a bit firmer.

Crochet dragonHe definitely turned out to be the fat bottomed dragon I had in mind! The addition of half a sock full of plastic pellets ensures he sits up nicely, and he certainly is a sturdy dragon, just right for a sturdy little boy!

Crochet dragonThe original dinosaur pattern was very well written, and I particularly love the shape of the head and face! I did play about with some of the proportions of the body and limbs, in particular the arms which would have been far too small. I also worked it all in Stylecraft Special Aran, instead of DK. Over all, it was a bit of a wrench to give him away, but well worth it.

And I did make the deadline on time… only to have to change our plans at the last minute! At least I had more time to appreciate him before he went home with a certain happy little boy on Saturday. (Disclaimer: the happiness was probably due in part to the bag of jelly beans I also gave him!)

Obviously I have appalling time management skills, so it was no surprise that I was still working on nieceling no 3’s present on Boxing Day! I did get it finished in time for when I saw her on the 27th, and here it is!

Amigurumi penguinI love penguins, and one of the great things about Christmas and winter in general is that there are suddenly penguins everywhere!


I used a free pattern Amigurumi Holiday Penguin from Lion Brand yarn, with only very minor changes (I didn’t stuff the wings, feet or beak, and I made a longer scarf and added tassels because theirs looked a bit mean). It is a nuisance having to log in to the Lion Brand site to get access to their free patterns, but its worth the minor inconvenience. I didn’t use Lion Brand Yarn though, opting for… yup, you guessed it, Stylecraft Special Aran!

Nieceling no 3 was delighted with her penguin, by the way, but ultimately it lost its fascination pretty quickly in the face of her Frozen magic wand (a snow globe on a stick that plays a few bars of Let It Go whilst being alarmingly similar to a mace that a less gentle child could smash things with!) I did wonder (for the millionth time) whether I should have crocheted her an Olaf instead, but maybe next time!

Okay, so that’s all the Christmas amigurumi finished, just a couple of knitted presents left to show you, plus a few other odds and ends. I might even show off some of the cool things I was lucky to be given for Christmas (hint: knitting and crochet books feature heavily!)

Hope you are all enjoying the new year!



17 thoughts on “More crocheted amigurumi presents for kids – the dragon and the penguin

    • bamcrafts979 says:

      Thanks! Just heard from my sister-in-law that my niece is playing with her penguin and enjoys the fact she can take the scarf off and put it on again. Thankfully the novelty of the musical wand has worn off a little so it’s not driving them nuts! 🙂 I’m definitely getting more confident at modifying patterns now. I guess it comes with experience!


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