Crochet flower cushion 3.0 and dealing with Gollum, my inner critic

cushion evolutionI’m always far too lazy to really qualify as a perfectionist, but there is always that nagging voice in my mind insisting that I could have done better. Sometimes I listen to it, ripping back hundreds of stitches just to get to that one cluster on a crochet blanket that has two stitches instead of three; or I frog a day’s worth of knitting to fix those decreases that lean to the left instead of the right. Yarn runs out halfway through a row? Well, the odds on me working my way back to the beginning of the row to attach the new yarn in the appropriate place have significantly improved, but not to the point that it’s an absolute certainty. Continue reading

Two tone beanie pattern in sizes child to watermelon!

I’ve finally written up my new pattern for these very easy beanie hats! This is the first time I’ve written a pattern for multiple sizes, so there has been a lot of frantic test knitting over the last couple of weeks. I’ve tried to keep the pattern fairly simple but I did fuss over the ribbing a bit to make sure that it sits nicely even when it is stretched. Hopefully it’s still straight forward enough for anyone trying knitting in the round for the first time.Two tone beaniesTwo tone chunky beanie

Continue reading

Hats, hats, hats…

I normally like blogging about a new make before I risk taking it out and about, but I’ve worn my new cashmerino hat pretty much every time I’ve left the house for the last couple of weeks. I’m feeling particularly camera shy at the moment, so there are no pictures of my wearing it, but it’s too pretty not to show off.

cashmerino hatIt’s the same pattern that I used for my mum’s Christmas present, but the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn shows of the stitch pattern a lot more clearly than the uber-fluffy Drops Air that I used last time. Continue reading