Mum’s happy crochet bag and other mother related news!

Sunday was Mothers’ Day, or at least it was in the UK (don’t panic Americans, South Africans and people of other foreign lands! Yours is yet to come!), and sometime between plodding on with my blanket WIPs and catching the worst cold I’ve ever had, I managed to make my lovely mum a crochet bag using Attic24’s Jolly Chunky Bag pattern.

Happy crochet bagMy camera always seems to struggle a bit with hot colours, but you should still get some idea of how bright and cheerful it is. Mum loved it, commenting that they were such happy colours! Continue reading

Raving about Ravelry and the beauty of the basics

I can only report slow but steady progress on my various WIPs over the last week. It doesn’t make for a very exciting blog post now, but I am looking forward to showing off pictures of some finished objects soon!

One of the first free patterns I tried from Ravelry - some socks in DK

One of the first free patterns I tried a few years ago from Ravelry – some socks in DK

Meanwhile, lovely things have been happening on Ravelry! It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Ravelry, and in particular the free patterns you can find there. It’s an amazing community, and I particularly love that you can see not only what people have done following the patterns, but also see their notes on what alterations they made and how they customised it to fit their own needs. Will that gorgeous shawl look just as good in DK as it does in 4-ply? Chances are that someone else has already tried it, and posted pictures! Continue reading

Cracking those WIPs – Rainbow Raindrops cushion completed!

I’m on a mission, a mission to finish as many of those lingering WIPs as possible over the next month. First up is my Attic24 Rainbow Raindrops Cushion (free cushion tutorial¬†here and stitch pattern here).

Now this is a pretty quick project to hook up, especially in chunky weight yarn,so I have no explanation as to why it’s taken me so long to finish it except… oh look pretty yarn! I wonder if that would be enough to make a shawl… I could just have a quick look on Ravelry… What do you mean it’s Thursday today?


Right, the cushion…

Rainbow raindrops cushion Continue reading

Mr BAM’s Big Grey Jumper

I finished Mr BAM’s Big Grey Jumper a whole week ago, and even the photos were¬†done and ready to post! So just insert the usual excuses about life getting in the way of blogging here, and we’ll move swiftly on. Aside from my Inner Gollum‘s dark mutterings regarding the quality of the seams. I’m actually very proud of it! And more importantly, my husband loves it.

Want to see?

Big Grey Jumper Continue reading