Mum’s happy crochet bag and other mother related news!

Sunday was Mothers’ Day, or at least it was in the UK (don’t panic Americans, South Africans and people of other foreign lands! Yours is yet to come!), and sometime between plodding on with my blanket WIPs and catching the worst cold I’ve ever had, I managed to make my lovely mum a crochet bag using Attic24’s Jolly Chunky Bag pattern.

Happy crochet bagMy camera always seems to struggle a bit with hot colours, but you should still get some idea of how bright and cheerful it is. Mum loved it, commenting that they were such happy colours!

Happy crochet bag of yarnAccording to the Attic24 blog there should be enough yarn left over from the Rainbow Raindrops Cushion project to make one of these bags, but pinks, orange, red and purple seemed more my mum’s style, so I supplemented what was left of the Rainbow Raindrops yarn with other colours from my stash of Stylecraft Special Chunky.

Happy crochet bag detailI decided not to bother with the leaves that are supposed to go with the flowers at the base of the handles. I thought the green might jar with the overall luscious pinkness of it all! Initially I was going to have matching buttons at the centre of all the flowers, but a brain fart whilst buying them meant that I only bought four buttons instead of eight! I much prefer the mismatched buttons now, so it worked out for the best anyway.

Mum is using the bag already, and earlier this week she brought it over with her knitting in and we watched Maleficent together. She loved it, and as I’ve seen the film before I was able to sneak a look at her face at key points without missing anything, and she really got into it! She even (gasp!) stopped knitting to focus on the film several times!

Whilst I’m on the subject of mothers, I got an unexpected message on Facebook a few days ago. A lady in Texas contacted me, asking if she could buy the panda skirt I made back in July. She explained that she was throwing a panda themed party for her little girl’s first birthday and she found a picture of my skirt when googling for panda themed ideas.

Panda skirt by *B*A*M! Crafts

A panda party for a baby girl! How could I refuse?

Well, of course I couldn’t say no, and I’ll be off to the post office in a little while to send my pandaful skirt to its new home!

I’m rather pleased that someone else will be able to enjoy my skirt because I won’t be able to wear it at all this summer because… I’m pregnant! Actually that’s the reason I’m trying to finish off as many WIPs as I can whilst I have the time! My reward for finishing my blankets will be to start on some gorgeous little baby clothes. 🙂

The baby is due the first week of September, and all was well at the twelve week scan (I’m nearly at 16 weeks now). Hopefully at the 20 week scan we’ll find out if it is a boy or a girl!

So, anyone got any good knitting and crochet pattern recommendations for baby clothes?



27 thoughts on “Mum’s happy crochet bag and other mother related news!

  1. creative pixie says:

    Congratulations! Wow such exciting news. There’s lots of baby related makes you could get started before the baby is born. I crocheted my youngest daughter a pram blanket when I was pregnant with her (I didn’t know she was a girl so I stuck to blues, purples and greens) . It’s so special and she still uses it, although now it’s for her dolls. Jean


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