Time for a little dolly – and a blanket in progress or two

After finishing two large WIPs in quite a short space of time, progress on my other numerous projects feels a little slow. There seemed to be only one way to go after such large and unwieldy blankets, and that was smaller, a lot smaller! Fortunately the perfect pocket-sized project turned up in the form of the kit attached to May’s issue of Let’s Knit magazine, a little dolly called Daisy May.

Let's knit Daisy May DollyI was very pleased how well she turned out! I made a couple of changes to the pattern, choosing 3.75 mm needles instead of the suggest 4 mm ones,because I can’t bear it when you can see the stuffing peeping through the stitches in knitted toys. I also added a lazy daisy stitch to the front of her dress, and embroidered her eyes instead of using the Coraline-esque black buttons provided. I wasn’t overly pleased with how her hair turned out, but that was more down to my inexperience with knitted dolls that any problem with the pattern.

I’ve already started a second doll using Stylecraft Special DK rather than the slightly scratchy yarn that came in the kit, and I’m thinking of trying different variations on the basic doll pattern, specifically pirates, because, well, pirates!

I’ve also been keeping up with Mollie &Claire’s Lacy Leaf Shawl KAL, even racing ahead a little this week and doing an extra repeat, taking me to a total of 14, instead of the goal for week 5 of 13!

Lacy Leaf Shawl KAL I’m making the large version anyway, and as the current ball of yarn had nearly run out (and I will have plenty of extra balls left when I have finished) I decided to press on so I don’t have to worry about joining on a new ball when the next set of instructions are posted. I’ve been using Russian joins for the first time, and I’m quite anxious to see if they will hold up to the stress of a good blocking! I’m using Sublime Yarns Cashmere Silk Merino DK, which is quite smooth without actually being slithery, and my first couple of attempts at a Russian join didn’t stand up to much experimental tugging, so I hope the final attempts will hold!

lacy leaf KAL detailI never thought I’d really enjoy the relative complexity of knitting lace, but it’s become strangely addictive. I surprised myself by fixing a mistake a couple of rows on from the initial error without ripping it back! Unfortunately my non-knitting husband was the only one present to witness this feat, and he was more amused with my profanity-filled muttered commentary than my miraculous triumph.

It’s probably going to be a while before I make another full size blanket (although I have already bought the yarn for my next one…) but baby blankets are an entirely different matter! I have two on the go for my little one (due beginning of September!). The first is a Simple Striped Baby Blanket, from a free knitting pattern by Natasha Price.Striped baby blanket WIPFor all my griping about the quality of King Cole’s value acrylic yarns, I do still love their Bamboo Cotton DK, even if it does feel a little thin for a DK yarn. You can’t really beat the softness of bamboo sourced viscose, especially combined with cotton, and I love the bright colours. I don’t subscribe to the whole pink for girls / blue for boys thing, and I was planning to use some blue regardless, but now I know I’m having a girl a little bit of extra pink has crept into the colour scheme.

The striped blanket is all about softness and snuggliness, but the crochet blanket I’m working on is a more practical just-chuck-it-in-the-wash acrylic one with a lovely rainbow colour scheme. The pattern came from Simply Crochet magazine issue 30 (it’s in the top left corner on the cover), and is a basic granny-square join-as-you-go design. I haven’t got much to show you yet, just a few piles of squares!

Granny squares for baby blanketI’ve done about 38 out of the 100 I need, but they are very quick because they are only three rounds each, and I’ve been good and sewn the ends in as I go. The exciting bit will be when I join them all together, because I’ve never attempted JAYGo before!

I’m also just finishing the sleeves of a little crochet baby cardigan, and trying to hook up enough bunting for the wedding of one of my best friends, so although my blog may go quiet, my craft life never does!



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