My 100th post! Time for some wonderful washcloths then…

Somehow I have arrived at my 100th blog post! That seemed to come around surprisingly fast, so I scrolled through and counted each one, and yes this does make no. 100! Although, in looking back at some of the earliest ones, I’ve noticed what constitutes a post has changed quite a lot.

Really for my 100th post I should have something spectacular to show you, but instead I have these humble little knitted washcloths!

Knitted wash cloths

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Finished! My Lacy Leaf Shawl

I took part in my first knit-a-long… and finished on time! So naturally I procrastinated for a couple of weeks before writing about it. Well, it simply wouldn’t do to raise anyone’s expectations about me being efficient or anything, would it?

Lacy leaf shawlI heard about the KAL from Mollie&Claire (she had me at the words “This is going to be a seriously unstressful KAL”!), and up to eight weeks to complete a shawl seemed a reasonable target. Continue reading

Baby BAM’s growing collection of cardigans

Baby cardigansFinding the mental and physical energy to blog is a bit of a struggle as I’m in the defective weeble stage of my pregnancy (I wobble wobble, but I can’t get up!) I’ll just have to get on with it soon because it’s looking hopeful that we will be able to move into a two bedroom flat before the little one arrives. Judging by how hard and how often she kicks these days, she’s just as excited at the prospect as we are!

Although I do keep starting new projects, (I can’t help it! It’s an illness!) I am getting better at finishing things properly. The baby cardigans I made earlier in the year, during our long weekend in Rome have finally got their buttons and button bands. Continue reading