Finished baby blanket and Magic Troll Vest

stripey knitted baby blanketI’ve taken so long to post this that another blogging milestone has snuck up on me! My two year anniversary as a blogger! When I started out I knew there would be times that I wasn’t posting as often as I’d like, but I honestly never considered that the reason would be that I’m too tired and pregnant! I am sleeping A LOT at the moment, and the combination of the hot weather and my blimp-like figure means I’m not getting out of the flat┬ámuch. And as if preparing for the baby’s arrival wasn’t enough to keep me busy, we will be moving house in a few weeks too!

So, lots of big changes coming up, but all good ones! In the meantime the flat looks like a bomb hit it, and I spend too much time talking to the bump and not enough actually packing. Continue reading