Lazy daisy cardigan and rainbow baby hat

View from the windowEven on a grey, rainy day, I love the view out of the kitchen window in our new flat. Of course, the splash of colour provided by my orchids (the only plants I’ve ever managed to keep alive and flowering) and the beautiful sunflowers my mum bought me definitely help! The flat is slowly shaping up nicely, and just in time as our little one is due on monday.

At my latest check up I was told that the baby is on track to be at least 8 lbs, maybe more like 9 lbs, and given the size of my bump it does seem likely! So naturally I panicked that none of the things I’d made her would fit, and started knitting some in a larger size.

All the cardigans I’d made so far were for 0-3 months, so I made Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Top-Down with sleeves in the 6 month size.

Lazy Daisy baby cardigan

I used the rest of the variegated cotton/acrylic mix dk yarn from my stash that I’d used for my Magic Troll Vest, and fortunately there was just enough left to finish it. I love the way the increases form the pretty eyelet pattern, and the fact that it is worked top down with the button band worked as you go instead of added on afterwards. I definitely could have made a better job of the underarm seams, but aside from that I’m very pleased with the result.

I knitted a green baby hat (also with the Magic Troll vest yarn leftovers) but forgot to take any pictures of it before I packed it in my hospital bag! I made another one in the same pattern in a larger size using King Cole Flash DK in the colourway Summer Fruit, but it ended up the same size as the new-born one! It was partly my fault for not knitting a swatch, but King Cole yarn always does seem to come up quite thin, which is why I don’t use it much, but I just couldn’t resist these colours!

Rainbow knitted baby hatI used the Simple Baby Hat pattern by Alison Williams but decreased down to five stitches at the crown and worked a length of i-cord to make the knot at the top. The King Cole version isn’t as soft as the cotton one,but hopefully it’s still soft enough because… RAINBOWS!

I’m not the only one knitting for my little one. My mum made this beautiful little cardigan during a couple of long train journeys.

Mum's baby cardiganIt’s wonderfully soft, and the pink is more purpley than in the photo. I can’t wait to see little one’s chubby little arms sticking out of the sleeves!

This very well might be my last post for a while, depending on when Baby BAM decides to put in an appearance. I’ve finished her granny square blanket and might get a chance to take some pictures before things get too hectic, but that post might have to wait. I have put some snaps of the blanket on Instagram (my username is Bamcrafts) so if you want a sneak peek, look me up!



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