My best ever make!

rainbow baby blanketThis will possibly be a very short post as I don’t know how long I have to write it! I am very pleased to announce that Baby BAM has arrived! I won’t trouble you with all the gory details, but I wound up having an emergency c section – after twelve hours of labour – and I am now the proud mummy of a beautiful 8 lb 2 baby girl! I did very much enjoy the gas and air, shocking the poor midwifes with some very colourful language, and Mr BAM was by my side throughout, and is already proving to be a wonderful dad. He’s a natural, and a complete hit with Baby BAM, who adores him.

(The previous paragraph was started a couple of weeks ago. Baby BAM is now a month old and I despair of ever writing another full blog post again! So here are some photos instead.)

Here is Baby BAM herself (who I will probably refer to here as BB for short) and me having a cuddle.

Me and BB

She’s had a bit of a poorly eye, which is why she looks a bit blotchy in some of the pictures, but I have no time to edit the photos, so here we are, photoshop free!

I really need to do a proper post about my rainbow granny square blanket (pattern from Issue 30 of Simply Crochet magazine). Pretty much all BB’s blankets are handmade, but this is our favourite.

The magic troll vest was what we dressed her in to bring her home from the hospital, and the hat I made in matching yarn was much admired!

We have also been given lots of lovely handmade stuff by my knitting friends, which really deserve a whole post of their own, but little one is waking up and if I don’t post this now I never will…



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