Knitting rainbows for my baby girl

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Oh, what a lovely blog post I could write if I had the time! Unfortunately I boot up my laptop so rarely these days that by the time it is up, running, updates installed and temper tantrums done, Baby BAM has woken up from her all too brief nap!

(Which is exactly what just happened. BRB).

Okay, I can try typing with one hand…

BB is growing so fast! She’s almost grown out of the first set of cardigans I made for her.

But fortunately my knitting friends knitted a far more useful selection of sizes. We still have lots that are too big for her to model yet!

All except my sister Katie who knitted a stunning fair isle cardigan (she even steeked the front!) in a new-born size, but gave it such a fierce blocking that it is more like an aged 3-6 months size now!

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She also made her this beautiful rainbow blanket…

She wasn’t the only one knitting rainbows… I’ve managed to finish something!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I started another rainbow hat when I was in hospital waiting to be induced. I wasn’t happy with the tension with the first one, having used the 3.75 mm needles the pattern called for rather than the 4mm ones recommended for the yarn. It turned out much better with the larger needles and the way the colours fell was much more pleasing, but I still felt it needed an extra something.

So I broke out my poor neglected crochet hooks and whipped up some flowers and leaves, and finished it with a few bits of simple embroidery stitches. It was almost worth waiting the 8 weeks it took me to finish it!

It’s now our favourite hat, and it is much admired wherever we go!


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