Super Simple Crocheted Christmas Stocking

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Honestly, I thought it was going to be months and months before I would find the time to write any new patterns. However, it is my beautiful baby girl’s first Christmas and I want her to have a handmade stocking; so after a cursory search through Ravelry I decided to just come up with my own crochet pattern.

Actually I ended up with two patterns as the dimensions of the first one weren’t quite what I wanted, but I decided to post both versions to offer a bit of variety.

I wanted a pattern worked in the round that would be simple, quick(ish), and easy to customise, which (in my brain’s current baby addled state) I think I’ve achieved. I hope you like it. If you use the pattern I’d love to see pictures of your finished projects!

Super Simple Crocheted Christmas Stocking

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You will need:

4mm hook

Aran weight yarn in two or more colours (I used Stylecraft Special Aran but any aran or worsted weight yarn should be fine). You’ll need less than 100g in total. My finished stocking weighed 60 to 65g each

Approximate length of finished stocking 27 cm, width across the top of cuff 15 cm, heel to toe approx 21 cm. Finished size will depend on your own tension, although as a stocking is a decorative item, tension isn’t too important here. I’m using a smaller than the recommended size hook for the yarn to produce a nice firm fabric, but if it’s too firm go up a size, and if it’s too loose or floppy go down a size.

Note: Ch3 at start of each round are not counted as treble stitches throughout this pattern. Each round should be closed with a slip stitch to the first stitch in the round (not the top of the ch 3). Increase by working 2 trebles into stitch in the previous round. Stitch count for each round in brackets.

Heel/toe piece (make 2 in first colour)

R 1: Ch3 work 12 tr in 3rd ch from hook (12)

R 2: Ch 3 * Inc, tr 1. Repeat from * 5 times (18)

R 3: Ch 3 *Inc, tr 2. Repeat from * 5 times (24)

R 4: Ch 3 *Inc, tr 3. Repeat from * 5 times (30)

R 5: Ch 3 tr (30) and fasten off.

Foot section: join second colour to toe piece and work 8 rounds of tr (30).

To join heel piece (R 14): with wrong sides together and heel piece facing you dc, htr, 11 tr, htr, dc, leaving the remaining 15 stitches of the heel piece, skip the next 15 stitches on the foot section and 15 tr the remaining stitches. Close round with slip stitch to first dc.  (You will sew up this hole of 30 unworked stitches later. I did try slip stitching this bit together but it didn’t quite sit right and leaving a hole and sewing it shut looked much neater.)

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R 15: Ch 3 tr (30)

R 16: Ch 3 tr 7, inc, tr 14, inc, tr 7 (32)

R 17-8: Ch 3 tr (32)

R 19: Ch 3 tr 8, inc, tr 15, inc, tr 7 (34)

R 20-2: Ch 3 tr (34)

R 23: (I changed colour again here) Ch 3 tr 9, inc, tr 16, inc, tr 7 (36)

R 24-6: Ch 3 tr (36)

R 27: Ch 3 tr 10, inc, tr 17, inc, tr 7 (38)

R 28: Ch 3 tr 11, inc, tr 18, inc, tr 7 (40)

R 29: Ch 3 tr 12, inc, tr 19, inc, tr 7 (42)

R 30: Ch 3 tr 13, inc, tr 20, inc, tr 7 (44)

R 31: Ch 3 tr 14, inc, tr 21, inc, tr 7 (46)

R 32: Ch 3 tr 15, inc, tr 22, inc, tr 7 (48).

Fasten off, darn in the ends and sew up the hole by the heel using whip stitch.

Add a crochet chain loop at the top for hanging the stocking up, and add any embellishments.

KODAK Digital Still CameraAlternatively, for a slightly longer stocking work as above to round 27 then as follows:

R 28: Ch 3 tr (38)

R 29: Ch 3 tr 11, inc, tr 18, inc, tr 7 (40)

R 30: Ch 3 tr (40)

R 31: Ch 3 tr 12, inc, tr 19, inc, tr 7 (42)

R 32: Ch 3 tr (42)

R 33: Ch 3 tr 13, inc, tr 20, inc, tr 7 (44)

R 34: Ch 3 tr 14, inc, tr 21, inc, tr 7 (46)

R 35: Ch 3 tr 15, inc, tr 22, inc, tr 7 (48)

Finish as above. This version is 4 cm longer but all the other dimensions are the same. I just prefered the look of the stumpier one!KODAK Digital Still Camera

I haven’t quite decided what embellishments I’m going to add to BB’s stocking yet, but there will probably be some kind of fancy edging round the top and maybe an embroidered snowflake or two. I quite fancy trying Attic24’s snowflake pattern. I might see what size it works up as in DK. Or maybe a little snowman applique? Hmm…

Both versions of the pattern wind up with a stitch count of 48, which means you can add any edging with a repeat of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 12. Wow! It’s almost like I planned it! 😉

Please let me know if you spot any mistakes or find anything unclear. With a bit of luck I might remember to post a picture of BB’s finished stocking stuffed with presents!

Happy Christmas!

Beth 🙂

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