Crafty Christening

Baby BAM in shrugIt feels as though I have no time to spend on making things recently, and yet I have a ton of stuff to write about. First of all here’s my version of the Entrechat cardigan for BB.

Her original one was made by my very talented sister-in-law Paula, who took a chance on making the 12 months size in DK instead of worsted. It fitted so well I was a bit nervous about making the 6 months size

in Caron Simply Soft worsted. Fortunately the pattern seems to be very forgiving, and although they are quite different shapes, they both fit well. I’m not sure I’d take a chance on switching yarn weight and sizes on something more fitted, like a cardigan or jumper, but for a short sleeved shrug it seems to work well!

Giggly Baby BAM in entrechat

Baby BAM certainly approves of her new shrug!

As promised, here are some pictures of what my talented family made for BB, and specifically her christening.

BB's Christening outfit

Starting from the top and working down…

My sister Katie knitted this beautiful, cob-web like hat with 1mm knitting needles! I know she would like me to clarify that by saying that only the lace edging was knitted on 1mm needles, and that the main part of the hat was knitted on 1.25mm needles, but have you seen knitting needles that fine? They are like medical instruments. It’s insane. She actually used thread normally used for weaving for the hat.

cobweb christening hat

BB actually arrived at the church wearing this hat I’d made from the same yarn as her christening shawl (more of that in a minute), so she was warm enough for the wet and windy January weather, but once Katie produced her beautiful little cobweb, there was no question which one she would wear. (Seriously, 1mm!)

little sister crochet baby hat

Her christening gown was made by my mum, on the same sewing machine she bought 36 years ago to sew my baby clothes! Talk about built to last!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Back then babygrows weren’t that easy to get hold of, so mum had to make them herself. As a mother myself of a 5 month old baby who can easily get through six outfits in a 24 hour period I can’t imagine having to make all her baby grows, especially when mum had two other children to look after (I am child 3 of 4). Mum did a beautiful job with the christening gown, but that wasn’t all because she had already made the christening shawl as well! The shawl is huge so it wasn’t very practical to take a photo of it on its own, but this should give you some idea…

bb's christening shawl

The yarn for the shawl was Drops Merino DK, and I used the same stuff to make her crochet hat (the pattern was called Little Sister). I don’t think mum used a specific shawl pattern, rather she picked a nice stitch, made a huge square then knitted a pretty lace edge. It was perfect for the occasion, rather too perfect as more than one person tried to huddle underneath it! BB is not a small baby, so it seems only right that her christening shawl be large enough to double as a blanket.

My other sister, Jenny, decorated the christening cake (beautifully) and made BB a little bag to take her toys to church (which I now realise that I forgot to take a picture of and I can’t face sneaking into her room when she has only just gone to sleep). Her cousins gave her some of their animal toys (two by two like in Noah’s Ark), made her an angel doll, and a prayer book with pictures of all her family members so she could remember them all. I cried, of course. I don’t often go to church but they do, and it was beautiful how much thought and effort they put into giving our little girl such a warm welcome.

The other thing Jenny gave BB that day was the little patchwork quilt she had made for her. I’d hoped to make it myself and had chosen all the fabric from my stash but time got away from me. Jenny had made similar quilts for her own children, and although it will be a while before BB can have it on her own bed I’m sure she will get just as much use out of it as my nieces and nephews did theirs.

baby quilt

Just to remind myself that I have found some time somewhere to knit, I also finished this hat (which is a bit too big for BB at the moment).

fan lace baby hat

I found the pattern (free!) on Ravelry, and it’s the fan lace one in the 6 month size. The yarn is a Rico Design Baby So Soft DK, and it does feel lovely.

I’m still darning in a frankly ridiculous number of ends for what I’ve taken to calling my goldfish blanket, and have rashly started making a bag and another hat for BB (ignoring the bath mat I’m knitting and the other blanket I’m crocheting). I really have to make myself finish things again!

Well, at least I can start by finishing this post.

Beth 🙂


5 thoughts on “Crafty Christening

  1. creative pixie says:

    She looks so pretty for her Christening. You have a very creative family but the hat your sister knitted was breathtaking, such fine work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lovelucie1 says:

    Such a wonderful collection of beautiful things. The cob web hat is quite the most unbelievably delicate thing I have seen knitted. That and the dress and shawl are just perfect together. Thank you for sharing. Very inspiring!

    Liked by 1 person

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