Granny stripe baby blanket and a new pattern WIP

granny stripe spread outBefore I get stuck in to the post at hand and all its yarny goodness, it’s time I stopped dodging using my daughter’s name on my blog. When she first arrived I was so worried about keeping her safe from strangers that on my first trip to the supermarket with her on my own I was too scared to give a straight answer when people asked her name or how old she was. I was so cagey that I tearfully broke down and confessed I was worried that one nice lady was a “baby snatcher” when she pushed for an answer because I didn’t seem to know the age of my own child!

Referring to her here as Baby BAM was a way to try and keep her safe from baby snatchers, I suppose. In my (slightly) less hormonal state, I can now see that there are far more practical and important ways to ensure her safety, now and in the future. And if I can tell the nice lady in Morrisons that my daughter’s name is Claudia, why not refer to her by name on my blog? So there it is. My daughter’s name is Claudia.

And here she is with her latest baby blanket: a granny stripe blanket in colours inspired by the sea.

nap time blanket


I used a 4mm hook and ten shades of Stylecraft Special DK: Aspen, Denim, Teal, Turquoise, Spring Green, Sage, Sherbert, Lavender, Silver and Stone; and I used Attic24’s lovely free pattern. I scaled down the starting chain to 122 and worked 96 rows, which made a blanket approximately 90 cm x 105 cm.

Claudia has always been fascinated by the colourful stripes of the huge granny stripe blanket I have on the back of my sofa, but I wanted a more soothing colour palette to encourage her to sleep. It seems to work!

close up border of granny stripe

I love the gently frilly edging on this pattern, and in these colours it makes me think of waves breaking on a shingle beach.

granny stripe crochet blanket folded end

It’s such a joy to see her fat little sausagey fingers poking through my handiwork!

Naptimes are becoming a little bit more predictable now, so I am making a bit of progress on my various WIPs, including this knitted bath mat that I started long before Claudia arrived. It’s not exactly a sophisticated piece of knitting, but I will write up my notes in to a pattern at some stage.

bath mat WIP

I love the brightly coloured cotton yarn but I think the overall proportions might be a bit off for a bath mat. Oh well, it will certainly brighten up my bland magnolia bathroom! But first, I just want to finish this new cardigan for Claudia…

Beth 🙂

6 thoughts on “Granny stripe baby blanket and a new pattern WIP

  1. sewchet says:

    It’s crazy what hormones can do to you. I left my baby in a shop once and got outside before I remembered her! My ‘baby’ is now 25 and her name is Holly-Rose. Nice to meet Claudia and long may she continue to nap well so you can progress with your crochet:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • bamcrafts says:

      Thank you! It’s quite weird getting used to everyone wanting to stop and say hello to Claudia when we are out, but she is such a happy smiley baby. I just have to get used to the idea that I can’t control everything. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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