Crochet puzzle ball

puzzle ball close up 1My daughter is nine months old (already?!) and I’ve only just finished crocheting her a toy. This is nuts, as toys are some of the most fun things to make with crochet (anyone for Cthulhu? dragon? piranha plant?), but I suppose when she was still small and sleepy I was naturally preoccupied with making her things that would keep her warm, like blankets and cardigans.

With my usual level of indecision and poor planning I started making a mobile (which will have to hang somewhere other than over her cot as she is getting to the age where she might be able to pull herself up and grab it), a doll (with small parts and details that she is bound to bite, chew and potentially swallow), and finally an age appropriate ball.

Fortunately it was the ball that I managed to finish, although I will complete the others too at some point. A ball doesn’t sound too exciting, but I should point out that it is an Amish puzzle ball, something that’s been on my crochet to-do list long before I had Claudia to give it to!

For those unfamiliar with these yarntastic little marvels, Amish puzzle balls are made up of three identical stuffed pieces, each consisting of four wedge shaped segments arranged in a ring. It’s actually easier to make these than it is to describe them! When the three pieces are correctly assembled, you are left with a ball with a pleasing geometric design, but whether as a ball or as a series of squishy segments, Claudia is already fascinated with it.

It took me a while to hook this up, but that was more due to lack of time than anything else. Each wedge is a simple semi-circle made in double crochet (US single crochet), which is crocheted together up the side to form a sort of cone shape. You make four of these cones, then make a chain of lids which you crochet to the top of each cone, stuffing as you go until you join the first and last one together to form a ring. Repeat the whole process three times and all you have left to do is figure out how to put them together to make a ball!

puzzle ball in parts

You can find Dedri’s wonderful pattern free here on but fair warning, there are a few different versions of this pattern (including the luscious flower one) so you will probably find it hard to pick just one! I want to make the flower one, but I need to make the octopus

puzzle ball close up 2

I think I’ll give the colours a little more thought on my next one. I like the red, orange and pink but I was using up some aran weight Stylecraft acrylic from my stash and there wasn’t enough red left to get quite the effect I wanted. Still, it wasn’t a bad effort, and Claudia enjoys playing with it!

part puzzle ball

Thanks to some sizing issues, I won’t be able to show you pictures of Claudia modelling her latest cardigan (come back in 1-2 years…) and really the pattern should have made it clear it that the sleeves were only three quarter length. Grrr. Stupid free pattern. Grumble grumble….


My sewing project on the other hand, a summer playsuit for Claudia, turned out beautifully, but the weather has taken a turn for the soggy so I’ve yet to take any good photos of her wearing it. I’m hoping that she will be able to wear it on our first family holiday, but if you can’t wait that long there are some pictures on my Instagram feed.

With one successful sewing project completed , I have naturally rushed out and bought more fabric. I hope I find the time and energy to put it to good use! Teething is such a fun process… 😦



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