The baby’s summer wardrobe all stitched up

summer wardrobe 2

Maybe it was the return of the Great British Sewing Bee, or the fact that I now have a scrumptious little model (who sometimes sleeps long enough for me to get things done!), either way, my sewing machine has come out of retirement in time to make a small summer wardrobe. (It’s for a small person and small as in only 5 items.)

At first I was very good and raided my fabric stash for what I needed and made a gorgeous little playsuit from some bright floral cotton I bought from the market in St.Albans a couple of years ago. I used Burda pattern 9652, which is marked as an “Easy” pattern, and it actually was! Good thing too, as this was the first sewing pattern I’ve attempted since the accidental muumuu debacle of summer ’14. I opted for the shorts version, to make it more summery, but omitted the ties at the ankles (too easy for a certain someone to stuff in her mouth and chew!) I made a minor mistake when cutting out, so the pattern is actually upside down on the legs, but as it is a busy floral design it’s not immediately obvious.

When I saw how well the first one turned out I of course hot footed it to Fabricland in Brighton and bought more fabric. And patterns. Well, they are such good value…

I soon whipped up another playsuit in this delightful ricrac print, which was chosen with zero thought of pattern matching. Fortunately the cutting layout got me most of the way there, so although the print doesn’t match up perfectly the colours of the stripes match across both legs.

baby playsuits

It was at this point that I got the perhaps unreasonable idea in my head that I would make sure that Claudia had a least one handmade thing to wear for each day of our week’s holiday at the beginning of July. It sort of worked, in that I had five home sewn garments plus the slightly disappointing cardigan I mentioned in my last post.

Here she is rocking the floral playsuit:

flowery playsuit

And here she is in the slightly disappointing cardigan (which she wore on several different days thereby fudging the plan to have something for each day):

blue green baby cardigan

You can’t really tell how odd the fit is in this picture. It will do much better as a cropped/three quarter length sleeve cardigan next year but it was handy to have on holiday whenever it got a bit chilly. She has outgrown almost all her other handknits now! And yes, I do have another one on my needles already.

Back to the sewing…

Another raid on my fabric stash provided the material for three pairs of shorts, made with Simplicity’s easy-to-sew pattern 2461, and I raided my box of trimmings to give each pair’s hems a different finish.

baby shorts

The first pair were my favourite, a vintage style rose print on a mauve background, trimmed with dotty green bias binding with a lacy edge. The binding does make the hems a little rigid, but not uncomfortably so.

rose baby shorts

Next were Mr BAM’s favourites: the tropical fish with orange cotton lace. I bought a huge spool of the lace when a local shop was having a clearance, and I wondered at the time what an earth I would use it for. I never questioned that its time would come, as it will again as I still have miles of the stuff!

fish baby shorts

Lastly were the flip-flop shorts with miniature yellow pom-pom trim, which took several attempts to get just the right amount peeking out. The trim was in the card-making section of a craft shop, so I wasn’t sure how it would hold up to washing and wear, but it’s been fine.

flip flop shorts

The flip-flop shorts seemed the most holiday-ish to me, and Claudia certainly looked the part on the beach playing in the sand on the Isle of Wight!

shorts and sandcastles

Of all the things I’ve sewn, the ricrac playsuit has seen the most wear and been much admired, especially at playgroups. People seemed genuinely impressed that I’d made it, but it’s the bright colour scheme that everyone admires.

I still have lots more fabric to play with, and I’ve yet to try any of the dress patterns yet. I think Claudia will definitely have to have a new dress in time for her birthday.

And while I’m thinking of special dates, happy blogiversary to me! Actually I think it was last week, but still, 3 years blogging! Who knew I had that much to say about crafts? It’s probably time to spruce up the layout a bit, maybe drop the asterisks and the exclamation mark. Maybe I’ve out grown the random punctuation!*#”;?

I’ll give it some thought.

Beth 🙂



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