Claudia’s Rainbow Mittens

In an alternative universe (one were I am super organised) I would have posted this pattern before Christmas. Sadly my superpower in this reality seems to be procrastination, so naturally I faffed about with the blog layout rather than writing any posts. Still, when you decide that you need a duck silhouette and a new font, watcha gonna do?

claudias-rainbow-mittensShould fit 1-2 year olds

You will need: 4mm hook

Double knit multi-coloured yarn (I used King Cole Flash DK in the colourway Summer Fruit)

UK terms used throughout.

Each “dc and ch2” counts as the first treble crochet of the round.

Each round should be closed by slip stitching to the 2nd chain of the first stitch of the round.

Increases worked by working 2 trebles into the same stitch.

Decreases worked by working 2 trebles together.

Make the thumbs first.

Ribbed cuff made by working stitches round the posts of the stitches of the previous round alternately around the front (fptr – front post treble) and around the back (bptr- back post treble).

 Gauge: 21 stitches and 12 rows per 10 cm in treble crochet (UK terms)

Thumb (make 2 – obviously)

Chain 3, then tr 9 into the third chain from the hook (10)

R2-4 – dc ch2 into first stitch, tr the rest of the round (10)

Fasten off.


Main section

Chain 3 then tr 11 into the third ch from the hook (12)

R2 –  dc ch2 tr 1 into first stitch, then increase into each stitch in the rest of the round. (24)

R3 – dc ch2 tr 1 into first stitch, tr 2. *increase, 2tr. Repeat from *. (30)

R4-6 – dc ch2 in first stitch, tr the rest of the round. (30)

Holding one thumb piece in front of the main section of the mitten (right sides together) work a slip stitch through BOTH the thumb AND the main section for the next 3 stitches.

R7 – Starting in the next unworked stitch of round 6 of the main part of the mitten only dc ch2 and tr in every stitch until only one unworked stitch remains. Work the final tr of the round through BOTH the last unworked stitch of the main mitten section AND the unworked stitch of the thumb piece immediately before the three slip stitches you used the join the thumb to the mitten.

From now on you will be working around the thumb and the main part of the mitten as if they were one piece.

R8 – dc ch2, tr the rest of the round (33)

R9 – dc ch2, *dec, tr 14. Repeat from * (31)

R10 – dc ch2, dec, tr rest of the round. (30)

R11 – dc ch2, dec, tr 12, dec tr 13. (28)

R12 – tr (28)

R13- 15 – ch2 (doesn’t count as stitch) 1fptr, 1bptr. Repeat from. Slip stitch each round closed as usual.

Darn in the loose ends of yarn – you may want to use it to tighten up the stitches that the first rounds were worked into.

Repeat the whole process for the second mitten (there isn’t really a left one and a right one, it just depends on how you arrange them).

To make slightly longer mittens for older toddlers try repeating round 4 on both the thumb and main sections.

Next, enjoy wrestling your toddler into their beautiful new mittens only for them to be flung on the floor!

The old elastic-through-the-sleeves trick is good for a bit, unless it becomes a source of frustration when the mittens are no longer flingable.

(Tantrum not pictured.)

I’m hoping to write another variation of this pattern… but don’t hold your breath. It could be posted anytime in the next six months!

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