My summer sewing


It’s been a year since I made a dress for my daughter for the first time, and it only just fits her now! It can be very hit and miss if something fits her and for how long, so it was lovely to see her wearing it this summer.

There are so many lovely printed cottons available that are perfect for cool summer dresses, but I’ve yet to work up the courage (and find the time!) to make myself one. It only takes a metre of fabric to make a dress for Claudia, so I have amassed a nice little stash for her, but rather predictably I can buy fabric at a much faster rate than I can use it!

I love penguins, so I couldn’t resist this cute penguin print last summer. And now, only a year later, here it is as Claudia’s penguin dress!

penguin toddler dress

It’s not easy to get a decent picture of a squirmy toddler in any outfit, but especially a new one before it gets wrinkled and/or dirty, but I did my best!

Claudia had a little collection of fat quarters that she liked to play with when she was tiny. They were all red and white patterns (part of a long forgotten project), and I knew I’d make something for her out of them when she got bored with taking them in and out of their little cardboard suitcase, but I changed my mind about what many, many times!

There wasn’t enough for a quilt, and I didn’t think they’d be tough enough for a toy she could actually play with. A pirate themed funday at a local farm finally provided the inspiration (or excuse!) I needed to make a little pirate skirt and bandana, and I was really happy with the result. I’m hoping the skirt will fit next year too, and I made sure to have a very wide hem so I can let it down a bit if I need to.

Little pirate outfit

I also made myself a couple of things. Firstly the pyjama bottoms from Tilly and the Buttons’ lovely sewing book Love at First Stitch. It’s a bit disheartening that I had to increase the size of the pattern pieces from even the largest size, but that’s the joy of making your own clothes: you can make them actually fit you!

rose pj bottomsI liked the way the velvet ribbon I used for the drawstring looked at first, but after a few washes it the ends were looking ratty, and in future I think I’ll make them with an elasticated waist like the fox print ones I made a few years ago.

I also made myself a nice summery top. I wasn’t 100% confident that it would fit or look okay, so I made it from a cheap cotton polyester from my stash, but the result was definitely wearable (although I can’t seem to find any pictures of my actually wearing it!).

purple top

I started almost straight away on a second one, this time in khaki with a little bit of cotton lace around the front… and promptly ran out of steam! I hope I’ll find the time/motivation/willpower to finish it, but at the moment it is languishing away in a crumpled heap in my basket next to the sofa, so its chances aren’t that good!

On a more positive note, I won a prize on the readers page of Simply Crochet for the Easter Bunny Dolly I made for Claudia!

sc winnerI guess it was third time lucky, as they had printed pictures of a baby blanket and a cardigan I’d made before,but I’d never gotten that elusive “winner!” badge that means I’d won a prize. Well, this time I got it! And with a bit of luck I’ll be able to post pictures of what I’ve done with it very soon!



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