The Knitting and Stitching Show – I came, I saw, I bought the lot.

I had quite a grumble about the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace last year, but the lure of all that beautiful yarn was enough to overcome my reluctance to face the hoards of shoppers again this year. Having been half trampled and totally rushed due to going as part of a coach trip on the Saturday last time (what were we thinking?), this time me and Mum took the train up for the Thursday, and boy what a difference that made! Not only did we have a more comfortable journey, when we got there we could actually walk around freely in what ever direction we wanted without being restricted by the strange currents and tides of the crowd dragging us along! Continue reading

Crafty geeks and geeky crafts at LFCC

Fan conventions are a relatively new phenomenon in the UK, and one that I usually have to explain when the subject comes up in conversation. Thanks to the popularity of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, some are aware of the concept of a comic-con but usually they don’t know that such events take place on this side of the pond too. Maybe I’m selling the Great British public short, but the handful of people who know what I’m talking about when I mention conventions picture the stereotypical bespectacled nerd, probably wearing a scarily accurate Star Trek uniform, arguing with an equally stereotypical bespectacled nerd about how commercial Doctor Who has gotten.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Okay, sometime they skip Star Trek and just go straight for the Doctor!

This is an accurate detail of a much, much bigger picture that includes so much more than just die-hard Trekkies and Whovians. Continue reading



Cancer not football

Wow, you guys really pulled it out of the bag!

I’m pleased to report that Alex had smashed her target of £100 by the morning of the race and donations are still coming in. As of this morning the online total stands at £165 (with an additional £36.25 from Gift Aid), but it is NEVER TOO LATE to give whatever you can to this important cause.

You can still donate as part of Alex’s Race For Life sponsor ship by clicking on THIS LINK and if you’re a UK taxpayer, please remember to tick the Gift Aid box as this will increase your donation by at least 25% at no cost to you!

We were lucky enough to have fantastic weather for the race last week at Eastbourne Sports Park, and the crowd was buzzing as the participants arrived in wearing every shade of pink you could imagine.

Getting ready to Race For Life

After the race…

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What will you choose to give five minutes of your time to?

Please read this and share it. I would really appreciate your help and support!

Cancer not football

My mate Alex is awesome.

We met about eight years ago at a time in our lives that was difficult for both of us, but somehow we still laughed about it all.  A lot.

155725_10150109389938273_5986789_n Alex is on the right of the picture, looking fabulous under pressure!

But there was that one major argument we had whilst watching Attack of the Clones about whether Simon Pegg was funny or not. We were literally screaming in each others faces until we both stormed off dramatically, leaving my then boyfriend (now husband) completely baffled as to what just happened. The incident lead to the Simon Pegg clause of our friendship, which is invoked when we disagree so strongly with each other that we agree to differ and walk away for the sake of keeping the peace. (Alex is slowly coming round to the idea that the Peggster is pretty cool, but I still…

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Inspiration on Instagram and Pintrest

 You can now find me on Instagram!

(and Google+ )

I quite often take photos with half a mind to work them into a blog post somewhere, but often they never make it. Rather than letting them waste away on my hard drive, I’ve decided to stick them all on Instagram instead.

These are the pick of the bunch for this week:15/06/14 Instagram collageBecause this is a new account, I’m following hardly anyone, so I’m looking for recommendations.

Are you on Instagram? Do you follow anyone crafty or artistic?

Let me know in the comment section!

I’m also on Pintrest too, so look me up if you want to know what is inspiring me at the moment!

(My username for both sites it bamcrafts.)