My best ever make!

rainbow baby blanketThis will possibly be a very short post as I don’t know how long I have to write it! I am very pleased to announce that Baby BAM has arrived! I won’t trouble you with all the gory details, but I wound up having an emergency c section – after twelve hours of labour – and I am now the proud mummy of a beautiful 8 lb 2 baby girl! I did very much enjoy the gas and air, shocking the poor midwifes with some very colourful language, and Mr BAM was by my side throughout, and is already proving to be a wonderful dad. He’s a natural, and a complete hit with Baby BAM, who adores him.
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Mum’s happy crochet bag and other mother related news!

Sunday was Mothers’ Day, or at least it was in the UK (don’t panic Americans, South Africans and people of other foreign lands! Yours is yet to come!), and sometime between plodding on with my blanket WIPs and catching the worst cold I’ve ever had, I managed to make my lovely mum a crochet bag using Attic24’s Jolly Chunky Bag pattern.

Happy crochet bagMy camera always seems to struggle a bit with hot colours, but you should still get some idea of how bright and cheerful it is. Mum loved it, commenting that they were such happy colours! Continue reading