Mum’s happy crochet bag and other mother related news!

Sunday was Mothers’ Day, or at least it was in the UK (don’t panic Americans, South Africans and people of other foreign lands! Yours is yet to come!), and sometime between plodding on with my blanket WIPs and catching the worst cold I’ve ever had, I managed to make my lovely mum a crochet bag using Attic24’s Jolly Chunky Bag pattern.

Happy crochet bagMy camera always seems to struggle a bit with hot colours, but you should still get some idea of how bright and cheerful it is. Mum loved it, commenting that they were such happy colours! Continue reading

More skirts, another granny square bag, and an assortment of events

July has been a busy month for me, and somehow my makes have dropped out of sync with my posts. I’m not complaining, it’s lovely to have so much going on, but I don’t want any projects to slip through the cracks. This blog is as much about me keeping a record for myself as it is about showing off to you lot!

That said, I do want to show off the sequels to the BA*M! skirt. I made them especially to wear to LFCC, and I bought the fabric at a fantastic shop in Tunbridge Wells called World of Sewing. I could have cheerfully spent a fortune there, but I was good and only bought what I needed to make two skirts.

With the first one I tried inserting pockets, and had mixed results. They looked okay, but were a bit too small to fit my hands in properly. As a first attempt they weren’t too bad.

Panda skirt by *B*A*M! Crafts Continue reading

Gorgeous crochet bag and the accidental muumuu

When I make something with the intention of selling it, I know I’ve done something right if I want to keep it once it’s finished. It’s not a bad standard to aim for, because if I don’t like it, how can I expect anyone else to give it house room? Of course there are times that I’m so fed up with something by the time I’ve finished it that I can’t appreciate it for what it is straight away. It needs to be hidden away from my over critical eye for a while to be given a fair chance.

The granny square bag I’ve just finished is definitely something I’d love to keep though!

Granny square bag Continue reading