Granny stripe baby blanket and a new pattern WIP

granny stripe spread outBefore I get stuck in to the post at hand and all its yarny goodness, it’s time I stopped dodging using my daughter’s name on my blog. When she first arrived I was so worried about keeping her safe from strangers that on my first trip to the supermarket with her on my own I was too scared to give a straight answer when people asked her name or how old she was. I was so cagey that I tearfully broke down and confessed I was worried that one nice lady was a “baby snatcher” when she pushed for an answer because I didn’t seem to know the age of my own child!

Referring to her here as Baby BAM was a way to try and keep her safe from baby snatchers, I suppose. Continue reading

A bundle of beautiful baby blankets


blanket stackI love handmade blankets, and I’m proud of the fact that all of my baby girl’s blankets are handmade. Well, except for that one cotton cellular blanket I panic bought after being told it was absolutely the only kind of blanket that was safe for a newborn.

Actually, well-made hand knitted or crocheted blankets are generally very safe for babies as they aren’t too dense for the baby to breathe through if it accidentally covers their face, and as soon as I was reassured with some better advice, I ditched the pastel pink shop bought monstrosity. Continue reading

Cuddlesome cardigan for Baby BAM


Sadly I didn’t manage to make any of BB’s Christmas presents this year. I had hoped to finish the stripey cardigan I was making in time, but we were just into the New Year by the time it was done. Still, on the plus side, it did mean that I had time to do a little photoshoot with one happy and cooperative baby girl!20160105_110641This is the third time I’ve used Louise Tilbrook’s wonderful Fuss Free Baby Cardigan pattern (which is free to download from Ravelry), and this time I added an extra few stitches to the larger size to accommodate BB’s every expanding portly little tum! I used Drops Cotton Merino DK, which feels gorgeous. I hope it washes well! Continue reading

My best ever make!

rainbow baby blanketThis will possibly be a very short post as I don’t know how long I have to write it! I am very pleased to announce that Baby BAM has arrived! I won’t trouble you with all the gory details, but I wound up having an emergency c section – after twelve hours of labour – and I am now the proud mummy of a beautiful 8 lb 2 baby girl! I did very much enjoy the gas and air, shocking the poor midwifes with some very colourful language, and Mr BAM was by my side throughout, and is already proving to be a wonderful dad. He’s a natural, and a complete hit with Baby BAM, who adores him.
Continue reading

Finished baby blanket and Magic Troll Vest

stripey knitted baby blanketI’ve taken so long to post this that another blogging milestone has snuck up on me! My two year anniversary as a blogger! When I started out I knew there would be times that I wasn’t posting as often as I’d like, but I honestly never considered that the reason would be that I’m too tired and pregnant! I am sleeping A LOT at the moment, and the combination of the hot weather and my blimp-like figure means I’m not getting out of the flat much. And as if preparing for the baby’s arrival wasn’t enough to keep me busy, we will be moving house in a few weeks too!

So, lots of big changes coming up, but all good ones! In the meantime the flat looks like a bomb hit it, and I spend too much time talking to the bump and not enough actually packing. Continue reading

Time for a little dolly – and a blanket in progress or two

After finishing two large WIPs in quite a short space of time, progress on my other numerous projects feels a little slow. There seemed to be only one way to go after such large and unwieldy blankets, and that was smaller, a lot smaller! Fortunately the perfect pocket-sized project turned up in the form of the kit attached to May’s issue of Let’s Knit magazine, a little dolly called Daisy May.

Let's knit Daisy May DollyI was very pleased how well she turned out! Continue reading

Finished at last – my Old Knitted Friend

For a blanket that was about 18 years in the making, my Old Knitted Friend is really isn’t that impressive to look at! But the fact that I started this much loved blanket as a teenager, and that it’s been a part of every home I’ve had since then makes it very special to me, and I’m almost sad that I can finally say it’s finished.

This is how it looks now with its new stripey garter stitch border.

Old Knitted Friend - the patchwork blanket Continue reading

A hump day victory, plus revealing the Granny Stripe Beast!

Something rather wonderful and unexpected happened last week. Out of the blue the number of hits to my blog just exploded! I occasionally get a bit of a boost if someone links to one of my patterns, or if a picture gets re-pinned on Pinterest, but this was just bonkers! Every time I hit refresh the numbers just climbed higher!

When I checked where the referrals were coming from I found that the latest project I’d added to the Hookin’ on Hump Day link party (jointly hosted by Moogly and Petals to Picots) had been the third most clicked that week, and so had been featured at the top of the post for the next link party! It was being featured that caused my hits to rocket rather than the initial round of clicking (does that even make sense?), and the project in question was the crochet bag I made my mum for Mothers’ Day using Lucy of Attic24’s Jolly Chunky Bag pattern.Happy crochet bagI left a message on Lucy’s blog to say thank you for her lovely pattern and to let her know that my version had done so well on HOHD but I don’t know if she has seen it. Continue reading

Cracking those WIPs – Rainbow Raindrops cushion completed!

I’m on a mission, a mission to finish as many of those lingering WIPs as possible over the next month. First up is my Attic24 Rainbow Raindrops Cushion (free cushion tutorial here and stitch pattern here).

Now this is a pretty quick project to hook up, especially in chunky weight yarn,so I have no explanation as to why it’s taken me so long to finish it except… oh look pretty yarn! I wonder if that would be enough to make a shawl… I could just have a quick look on Ravelry… What do you mean it’s Thursday today?


Right, the cushion…

Rainbow raindrops cushion Continue reading

Crocheted rainbow ripple star blanket in all its technicolour beauty!

You’d be forgiven for believing that I managed to knit and crochet myself into a coma this month, and whilst at times it was a close thing, it’s really been procrastination that’s kept me from blogging recently. That and food, oh god, so much food! Christmas dinner, Boxing Day lunch with the faaaaamily and then Turkey Soup Day after that (nephling no 1 is campaigning for for the latter to be made an official national holiday). Can you picture Jabba the Hutt with a lap full of crochet blanket and a cat sitting on each side like a pair of furry bookends? Because that is me right now.

Between all the eating, I did manage to exchange gifts with my nearest and dearest, which means I can now start to share pictures of the things I’ve been making.

Remember I teased you with this picture last month?

rainbow ripple blanket Continue reading