Blankets old and new – plus surgery on an old (knitted) friend

I’m the crafty type who always has a stupid number of projects on the go, but there’s one work in progress that’s been around for so long that I usually forget to count it: my knitted squares blanket. I don’t remember exactly when I started making squares for this project, but it was probably in my mid-to-late teens. As the blanket still isn’t finished nearly twenty years later, you can probably guess that progress was a bit slow!

knitted patchwork blanket long term WIP

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Hulk inspired crochet blanket plus pink sock monkey

October is usually the time I start worrying about making Christmas presents for my family, but a run of niecling and nephling birthdays from mid-august means that I’ve had plenty of gifts to make well before the dreaded December deadline. I try not to post pictures of something I’ve made as a gift before I’ve given it to its intended recipient, so it’s easy for them to get overlooked on this blog in favour of projects that I can show off the second I’ve finished them.

So, with apologies to niecling no 2 who is still waiting for the circle skirt I promised her (shhh! I think she’s forgotten!), let’s start with niecling no 3. Continue reading

Spring walks, crochet flower pots and lots of delicious colour!

I’m naturally a very cynical soul, especially when it comes to the weather, but for the last few days I’ve enjoyed the delusion that’s been delighting the nation: that spring might have sprung early. It was 17°C yesterday! T-shirt weather! I dragged Mr BAM out for a walk in the woods and it was glorious!

2014-03-09 13.45_edited-1

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Introducing the Whirly Catherine Wheel Cushion!

I’ve made a few crochet cushion covers recently but they’re all been gifts for other people, and as lovely as it is to give them away, I quite fancied having one all for myself! Once I finished my star ripple blanket, I found I had quite a lot of yarn left, especially in Cream and Aster (blue). I thought I’d seen a pattern in one of my crochet magazines that used a fan stitch, but when I went looking for it I couldn’t find it.


There’ always the possibility that I imagined it existed at all, or more likely that it wasn’t a pattern for a cushion but for something else and I just thought it would make a good cushion.

Double hmmm.

But then I thought of the Catherine Wheel stitch that makes up part of my stripey blanket WIP, and I came up with…

Whirly Catherine Wheel cushion!

The Whirly Catherine Wheel cushion!

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Blankets, socks, and me vs my stash

Spring still seems to be a long way off, what with flooding, gale force winds, hail, and talk of snow later in the week. Nevertheless the urge to spring clean our flat has hit early, which is odd because some years it’s never hit at all! First order of business was organising my ever expanding yarn stash. I tend towards hoarding lots of small amounts of interesting looking yarn (as opposed to amounts sufficient to make larger items like jumpers or cardigans), which make it difficult to keep the collection tidy; so to solve this problem I’ve started storing similar yarns together in zip-lock bags. It’s not a perfect system, but at least it stops everything unwinding and getting tangled into one giant rat’s nest!

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Craft fair, bunting, cute and smelly (in a good way!) little owls, WIP and socks.

Suddenly it’s Wednesday and I still haven’t updated my blog! I can’t blame it all on recovering from the Briar Patch craft fair on Saturday, although I was exhausted after spending the day chatting away with both customers and fellow stallholders. A steady stream of compliments more than made up for the slow sales, and it was a fantastic opportunity to network with other creative people locally. There’s not a lot of crochet at this particular craft fair, and what there is is mostly hats and scarves, so my stuff really stood out. I was lucky to be given an extra table to fill at no additional cost due to a last minute reshuffle by the organiser!

2014-02-01 10.02.18

2014-02-01 10.03.31

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A crochet tea cosy, plenty of potholders and the six heeled sock of doom

I had another productive week last week. I’ve been trying to work on a item a day for sale at the craft fair I have booked on the 1st. I already have plenty of stock but I want to be able to be enthusiastic about what is on my stall, and that’s going to be easier if I have new things to show off.

First I made another tea cosy.

orange tea cosy

Then I went a bit pot holder crazy…

multi-colour pot holders

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Crochet tea cosies, turtles, and relearning to knit European style

The short, grey days are getting to me a bit at the moment, so although I’ve had quite a productive week, I don’t have much to say. 😦

My stripy blanket (tutorial by notyouraveragecrochet found here) is making steady progress. I’m on row 26. I would have been a lot further along but I had trouble ending up with the right number of stitches after doing the two rows that made up the star stitch stripe (the lime green stripe between the purple and the red). I got there in the end though, and got a lot of practice with a new stitch!

Stripy crochet blanket work in progress. 26 rows and counting!

Stripy crochet blanket work in progress. 26 rows and counting!

I have another stall booked at the Briar Patch Craft Fair in Eastbourne on the 1st February, so I’ve been trying to make something every day to sell. I made a couple more cupcake keyrings and a turtle too. Continue reading