3 Colour Sleeveless Cardigan for Toddlers

I designed this little sleeveless cardigan for Claudia as a quick make so I could hook it in different colours to go with different outfits. It’s sleeveless so that hopefully she won’t outgrow it overnight, and I kept it quite short so she could wear it buttoned up over fuller skirts. It’s a nice garment to slip on as an extra layer for warmth without having to worry about the sleeves getting dragged through food, paint, or water!

I kept it pretty simple, mostly in treble crochet with some front post and back post stitches for the ribbing and up the front, but an adventurous beginner shouldn’t have to much trouble with the pattern!

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Lazy daisy cardigan and rainbow baby hat

View from the windowEven on a grey, rainy day, I love the view out of the kitchen window in our new flat. Of course, the splash of colour provided by my orchids (the only plants I’ve ever managed to keep alive and flowering) and the beautiful sunflowers my mum bought me definitely help! The flat is slowly shaping up nicely, and just in time as our little one is due on monday.

At my latest check up I was told that the baby is on track to be at least 8 lbs, maybe more like 9 lbs, and given the size of my bump it does seem likely! So naturally I panicked that none of the things I’d made her would fit, and started knitting some in a larger size. Continue reading

Finished baby blanket and Magic Troll Vest

stripey knitted baby blanketI’ve taken so long to post this that another blogging milestone has snuck up on me! My two year anniversary as a blogger! When I started out I knew there would be times that I wasn’t posting as often as I’d like, but I honestly never considered that the reason would be that I’m too tired and pregnant! I am sleeping A LOT at the moment, and the combination of the hot weather and my blimp-like figure means I’m not getting out of the flat much. And as if preparing for the baby’s arrival wasn’t enough to keep me busy, we will be moving house in a few weeks too!

So, lots of big changes coming up, but all good ones! In the meantime the flat looks like a bomb hit it, and I spend too much time talking to the bump and not enough actually packing. Continue reading

Baby BAM’s growing collection of cardigans

Baby cardigansFinding the mental and physical energy to blog is a bit of a struggle as I’m in the defective weeble stage of my pregnancy (I wobble wobble, but I can’t get up!) I’ll just have to get on with it soon because it’s looking hopeful that we will be able to move into a two bedroom flat before the little one arrives. Judging by how hard and how often she kicks these days, she’s just as excited at the prospect as we are!

Although I do keep starting new projects, (I can’t help it! It’s an illness!) I am getting better at finishing things properly. The baby cardigans I made earlier in the year, during our long weekend in Rome have finally got their buttons and button bands. Continue reading

Cardigans for all – one very large, one incomplete and one very small

Grey cabled cardigan jacketI started my grey cabled cardigan at the end of November/beginning of December, back when it would have been useful! It would have been a fast knit, as it was worked up in super chunky yarn and 10 mm needles, but Mr BAM’s big grey jumper took precedence. I found I only had it in me to work on one big grey WIP at a time, and I needed a big dose of colourful crochet to cheer me up again afterwards!

The pattern was the one on the cover of Sirdar’s Big Bamboo Knits 2, and I knitted it in shade 202 Ferny, because that was on sale at the time. The shawl necked, cabled cardigan is easily the most technical garment I’ve ever knitted, but I enjoyed the challenge. Continue reading