Sneaky heeled socks and cuddlesome cowl

It’s cold. It’s cold enough for me to be cursing the fact that that I haven’t been knitting and hooking warm winter woollies in the warmer months so that I could be safely cocooned in finished projects by now. The thing is, for most of the year I’m too hot or on the verge of over-heating, so when winter does roll around I’m a bit shocked to feel the cold at all.

I do have multiple crochet blankets to wrap myself in at home (which I do on a daily basis) but now winter is really here I want more. I want hand-knitted socks, cardigans, hats, jumpers, leg warmers, scarves… basically everything I spend most of the year convinced I won’t really need!

Actually, the exception is socks. I started on my travelling socks in October, and they went everywhere with me as my on-the-go WIP until I finally finished them around New Year.

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