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I quite often take photos with half a mind to work them into a blog post somewhere, but often they never make it. Rather than letting them waste away on my hard drive, I’ve decided to stick them all on Instagram instead.

These are the pick of the bunch for this week:15/06/14 Instagram collageBecause this is a new account, I’m following hardly anyone, so I’m looking for recommendations.

Are you on Instagram? Do you follow anyone crafty or artistic?

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I’m also on Pintrest too, so look me up if you want to know what is inspiring me at the moment!

(My username for both sites it bamcrafts.)

PJ bottoms in funky vintage floral fabric & some nifty little kit projects

Last week I was showing off my foxy PJ bottoms, and this week (as promised) I have a new pair to show you!

Vintage fabric PJs

As I didn’t have the pattern I used in the sewing class, I dug through the patterns I bought a while ago from when they were on sale, and chose option C from Newlook pattern 6710. I had to use the largest size 😦 and I made a slight adjustment so I wouldn’t have to cut a separate piece of fabric to enclose the waist elastic, but over all I was very pleased with how easy it was to use this pattern!


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More crochet cosiness and a little birdie.

Last week I finally got around to finishing a pair of leg warmers I’d promised to the mother of one of my bestest friends in the world. I was a bit worried that summer would have arrived before I was done but as the intended reciprient lives up in the always chilly north I think she’ll be using them for a while yet!

Lacy purple crochet leg warmers (please excuse the weird feet and saggy knees!)

Lacy purple crochet leg warmers (please excuse the weird feet and saggy knees!)

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The Hillarys Blinds Country Craft Competition: the result, the backlash and some awkward lingering questions.

A sore loser is only really an embarrassment to themselves, but someone who keeps asking questions as to how and why decisions were made can be a more persistent problem for the organisers of any competition, particularly when there is an attractive prize.

Which brings me to the Hillarys Blinds Country Craft Competition with its first (and only) prize of £1000 cash. Billed by Hillarys Blinds  as a competition for UK craft bloggers to be judged by a panel of influential craft bloggers (, and the brief seemed simple enough…

My entry in the Hillarys Country Craft Competition

My entry in the Hillarys Country Craft Competition

Choose a fabric from the four available designs, and then Hillarys sent out a free sample of the chosen material. The rules stated that you had to make an original craft design and publish a blog post with pictures describing how you made your entry. Continue reading

Finished felted foxes and NEW YARN!

The laundry has been piling up over the last fortnight in the the BAM household. Our old washing machine gave up the ghost halfway through a load consisting mostly of my mister’s underwear (I think it lost the will to live), but today it’s replacement arrived! It’s installation didn’t exactly go smoothly. My grumpy upstairs neighbour laid into the delivery men for parking in his space; then the delivery guys couldn’t get at the pipes because they were behind the dishwasher which was wedged in under the counter so tightly they couldn’t get it out without tearing the lino; then they ran out time because the driver had to take his break so I had to get them to leave the new machine in the middle of the living room; then… Well, I think you get the idea!

We did get it sorted out eventually; although there is a small tear in the lino. 😦 I love the new machine, so I still count it as a win. The old machine was pretty decrepit, and I can’t really blame it all on my mister’s pants. I did do quite a lot of felting in it when it was already on its last legs, including an idea I had to crochet felted foxes. The basic shapes came out really well, but they sat in my living room for ages, waiting to be finished… until yesterday!

The first one came out looking sort of angry looking, and there was a small hole where the filling was poking through, so I think I’ll keep him.

Cute, but angry cute!

But the other three are just adorable! I’ll be taking them to the craft fair on the 1st.

Such cute little tubby foxes!

Such cute little tubby foxes!

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Beautifully bright coloured cotton makes for happy crochet (and a less crotchety crocheter!)

I love wool, but unfortunately wool doesn’t love me. When it comes to sensitivity I could give the Princess and the Pea a good run for her money. Everything seems to make me itch, which is bad enough when it affects what fibres I can wear next to my skin, but when itchy hands force me to put down my crochet hook I’m doubly grumpy! Thankfully there are some amazing varieties of yarn out there that don’t make me want to take a cheese grater to my hands, and my favourites are all cotton.

I aim to make all 30 projects from Emma Varnam's Crocheted Keyrings and Charms book, and these three were all worked in Drops Muskat yarn

I aim to make all 30 projects from Emma Varnam’s Crocheted Keyrings and Charms book, and these three were all worked in Drops Muskat yarn which is 100% mercerised cotton.

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So that was Christmas!

Phew! I made it! A few things had to be scaled back to something more manageable given the timeframe, but I did manage to make all the presents for my family and friends this year. I did cheat a little as some people got things I’d made for my stall at the craft fair, but hey! That still counts!

I did several versions of this hat and this scarf in various yarns in such a short space of time I think I could make them in my sleep now. There was a minor problem with the sizing of a couple of the hats. One was supposed to be for my brother but was too small. It was, however, a perfect fit for my 10 year nephew… but his hat was too small so I’ll probably sell that one on my next craft fair stall in February. Oh well, I guess it all comes full circle in the end. My brother has requested a scarf to replace his hat, and I’m working on that now.

Some of this year's crocheted goodies

Some of this year’s crocheted goodies

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