Frames, magnets, crocheted Easteriness and fifty, yes FIFTY flowers. Plus cat.

Last week was a bit of a blur. First the deadline for the Hillarys Blinds Country Craft Competition (which I only just met!), then a flurry of activity to get ready for the Easter Briar Patch Craft Fair, then the fair itself on Saturday, and through it all I was still struggling to fight off a nasty gum infection. But despite how grotty I’ve been feeling physically, it’s still been a good week, and I did get round to finishing a lot of half-finished and (barely started!) projects.

Firstly there were the plate full of fabric flowers that I made with my kanzashi flower maker, remember those?

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Bucket full of eggs, the Frankenflower, vintage fabric and February’s finished socks.

It’s been another week of organising and sorting through my crafty bits and pieces, labouring under the illusion that if there’s some kind of system I must still be in control. (There isn’t. I’m not.) Still, I should count myself lucky that I’ve managed to accumulate some fantastic resources, along with a very supportive husband who trusts me to make something from all this stuff! He really does deserve a medal of some sort. Yesterday he drove me an hour up the coast to go beach combing for driftwood. We stamped around for an hour getting our faces sandblasted in gale force winds, and he helped me carry loads of it back to his nice clean car! It’s all drying out by the radiators, so I’ll post pics when it’s not so sad and soggy!

With Easter and another craft fair coming up, I’ve started making crochet eggs. Trawling round town, trying to get polystyrene eggs for a decent price is a story too boring to tell. Short version: Hobbycraft overcharges by A LOT! (and yet I still bought some there -WHY?) I did start out with a pattern from an old issue of Simply Crochet but my eggs were too big, so I very quickly went off in my own direction, which was a lot more fun!

I love this bucket.

I love this bucket.

I found the little purple bucket in that picture for 85p in a charity shop, and I hooked up its little jumper last night. I absolutely love it, but it will go on the stall so I only get to keep it if it doesn’t sell. 😦

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